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18  December 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Reporting on the work of EPF PIN members wouldn't be possible without your support.  Check out reflections and reports from Lynn Huber and Maurine and Bob Tobin in the Community (blog) section of our website.  


As we approach Advent 2014 the Palestine Israel Network has much of which to be proud. Our three work groups have been recruiting new members locally, continuing our educational efforts, and advocating for our Church to seek a just resolution of the Palestine/Israel conflict and an end to the 47 year Occupation. 


Highlights of this year include: 

  • Daily updates on our Facebook page bringing information not found in mainstream media. Be sure to 'like' us if you haven't. And be sure you see our weekly email PINontheGo on what's happening on this issue across our Church and beyond. 
  • The continuing use of our curriculum Steadfast Hope in many congregations across the country. Since the Episcopal edition came out we've sold over 5000 copies and reached into 27 states. If you haven't tried it, add it to your to do list in 2015. Know the context of the Palestine/Israel conflict. A group is planning a visit to the Holy Land next April and hopes to produce a short video for use with Steadfast Hope. 
  • Public support for the Rev. Bruce Shipman, former Episcopal Chaplain at Yale University who resigned under pressure after writing a letter in the New York Times for the obvious observation that the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe could be partly related to Israel's destruction in Gaza.
  • Working with members in the Los Angeles area to host a 75th EPF Anniversary Celebration that focused on recognition that the peace movement on Palestine and Israel has moved away from pressing governments in the wake of failed negotiations (again) to civil society where economic pressure, sometimes called BDS, is emerging as the most effective and hopeful strategy.
  • Supporting members and colleagues in hosting Sabeel and Tree of Life Conferences focused on justice and peace and active participation as a member group of the US Campaign to End the Occupation.
  • For those of you who embrace boycotts of products made in illegal Israeli settlements, we have been active in grassroots organization and participation in the Soda Stream boycott. Soda Stream has now announced it is leaving the West Bank and relocating to Israel but our work will not be over. Check out Adalah-NY's update on the boycott campaign here.
  • Much work is going into our presence at General Convention next summer where we plan to make a vital witness on behalf of ending the Occupation and honoring Palestinian peacemakers. Look for more details early in the new year.

All of this and much more has been made possible by your generous donations. As you know our work is far from finished. We have an amazing opportunity to widen our witness, but we need your help! Volunteers lead this network with many hours of labor and donated travel and other non-reimbursed expenses. But we also have actual costs that include support of our wonderful EPF staff, Allison Liles and Shannon Berndt, who enable so much of the work described above. Printing, conference costs, supporting young adult witness, maintaining our data lists, looming Convention costs, our video project, office costs and the list goes on. 


Please consider a year end gift ($10, $50, $100 or $250 or more) to keep the momentum going as we prepare for a busy 2015. Make your donation online or mail a check to Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Post Office Box 15, Claysburg PA 16625.  If you are able to give $35 or more, we'll send you a complimentary copy of our much praised curriculum Steadfast Hope.  If you give online, email Shannon if you want the free copy of Steadfast Hope.  Please note, depending on everyone's generosity, if we are able to raise an extra $5,000 we'll be able to produce a short video for use in congregations, enabling us to tell many more people about the reality of life under Occupation.  


We are committed to remaining in solidarity with Palestinian and Jewish partners, both in the Holy Land and the USA, working for a just outcome for both peoples of that land in the cradle of our Faith. Please hang in with us on this critical work. 



The Steering Committee 

Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network




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