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                 November 26, 2014   



Submitted by: Episcopal Bishop's Committee on Israel/Palestine, Mary Morris, Chair:


RESOLVED, that the Diocese of Oregon reaffirm its call first issued at the 123rd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon to its churches and church members to study both Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace (Israel/Palestine Mission Network, 2014), and A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering (Kairos Palestine, 2009), often referred to as the Kairos Palestine Document, and to heed its call for solidarity with the Palestinian people; and be it further



RESOLVED, that the 126th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon direct its Committee on Socially Responsible Investing to study the implementation of divestment from companies profiting from the military occupation of the Palestinian Territories by the State of Israel, specifically Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Motorola Solutions, Group 4 Securicor (G4S), Veolia, and SodaStream, and report its findings to the 127th Diocesan Convention; and be it further



RESOLVED, that all members and congregations of the Diocese be encouraged to divest from companies profiting from the military occupation of the Palestinian Territories by the State of Israel, specifically those companies stated above.


[Chair, Mary Morris & several other sponsors of the resolution are members of EPF's Palestine Israel Network.]


Diocese of Rochester Public Policy Committee and local EPF Chapter Collaborate in Advocacy At Convention

 At their annual convention, deputies in the Diocese of Rochester passed, with a clear majority, a Resolution that parishes declare themselves Gun-Free Areas.  The Resolution was a response to General Convention Resolution D003, 2012, requesting diocessan conventions to promote Parish Gun- Free Areas.  There was vigorous debate on the floor.  One amendment regarding police officers attending worship services was added to the original wording.  The Resolution was co-sponsored by the Diocesan Public Policy Committee and the local EPF Chapter.  

Resolved, That this 83rd Convention of the Episcopal

Diocese of Rochester encourage congregations to de-

clare their places of worship to be gun-free areas, except

for police officers in uniform who are attending worship

in this space; and be it further

Resolved, That congregations also be encouraged to

engage in conversations with local law enforcement 

leadership around their concerns about gun violence in 

their jurisdictions; and be it further

Resolved, That this Convention instruct the Secretary of Convention to send copies of this resolution to all congregations within this diocese.


General Convention in 2012 passed a Gun Free Zones Resolution (D003) that calls for "every parish and every diocesan place of work to declare their establishments as

Gun Free Zones."

*Places of worship are thought to represent havens of 

peace in our society.

*Both open carry and concealed carry of guns create significant risk to public safety.

*Chipotle and other U.S. businesses are declaring their 

premises gun-free areas.

*Our Episcopal congregations in this diocese are en- 

couraged to enhance community safety by defining church properties as gun free zones.

*Conversations with law enforcement officers will 

increase our awareness of the level of gun violence and challenges our "first responders" face in fostering a less violent society. It may lead to a more constructive

partnership between the church and civic society. 





In the last few weeks, posters have lined the nave of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee describing various outreach opportunities available to members of the parish.


One of the new posters features the Death Row Ministry, one of the projects of the EPF chapter.


There are currently twelve people visiting men on Tennessee's death row due to the program offered through St. Paul's.




"Reminder: The EPF offices will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 27th & 28th, 2014. "