Time to lighten up!
V9 #3
Reducing your load frees you to travel more!

Am I talking smaller cars? Fewer suitcases? No, I'm touching on spring cleaning. UGH I hear you say! WE all should do it, but how many of us do do it? Well there's hope! If you can start to reduce the sheer number of things you have, you have less to clean. Seems simple enough, but it's not so easy.

For years I've been an advocate of decluttering. Cluttered closet Many who have taken my class have had a significant change happen once their lightened their load...but how to keep it light? You know the tendency - we bring home more than we take out and once again our life fills up with stuff.

Try this little exercise - it won't take more than a hour and you'll get an immediate reward. Leave your phone in the car (or someplace where you can't hear the dings and tweets and whatever.) Get some cleaning materials together along with a good size wastebasket. Tell all to leave you alone for one hour.

Messy medicine Cab Close the bathroom door. Open the medicine cabinet. Remove everything. Clean the shelves (maybe add a drop or 2 or essential to leave a pleasant smell.) Now start through  the items one by one. Do you use it? How often? When was the last time? Daily? it stays. More than 3 months ago? Let it go. Or move it (see below)
Remove each item - my bet is that you will find at least half, if not more, of items that have passed their usefulness and can be discarded.
right-arrow-icon5.gif Hint: Keep only what you use everyday. Other things have a different destination!
   right-arrow-icon5.gif Hint: Like items like one another! Keep tooth supplies together, hair supplies together etc.

right-arrow-icon5.gifHint: Use lucite spacers to build short items above one another (visit containerstore.com and look up 'medicine cabinet')

But what of the eye cup?  I knew I had recently dug it out after a long winter's sleep. But when I needed it, I was sure glad I didn't have to go to multiple drug stores to find a new one. Well, that went  to a better place. But it didn't belong in the medicine cabinet.
right-arrow-icon5.gif Hint : For those items that get used occasionally,
look at this smart solution for below the sink: 

An important hint: don't toss prescription drugs down the toilet - fish and aquatics have been showing up with nasty defects caused by pharmaceuticals in the stream water.  Instead, call your local police and ask if they don't have a safe way to dispose of old prescriptions. Ashland has a lock box at headquarters where you an sales drop off the bottles at any time.

What I'm suggesting is that if you just love it, keep it. Unload as much as you can.

Once you have thinned it out and organized it, take a moment. Look at how nice it looks. Feels good too! You've made a start. 
right-arrow-icon5.gif  Hint: Revisit and reorganize 1 shelf a week. You'll find out how you use the space. And, you'll move stuff. One shelf a week. It will start to take care of itself!

I'm going to be passing along tips and tricks all month. Hopefully you'll be able to use  many of them.  If you hit a speed bump, send me a note. Chances are others have had the same experience.

If you're really stuck, know that I'm available for 1 on 1 coaching.  Sometimes it's the only way to break down the walls. I'm definitely firm, but gentle. Two can often do what one isn't able. Let's lighten up! Face it, less to clean and worry about means more time for the FUN you deserve!

Off to the coast!

May the Year of the Fire Monkey bring you
abundance and love and adventure,
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