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Only 2 items this month, both designed to be used. I hope you'll put both in your action file because both are designed to bring you a better, more nourishing and satisfying life.
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V7 #5
Clutter Calling
When you arrive home, don't you bring things into the house? I know I do. Always. When you leave the house, do you take as much or more out?       I don't. That means that the home is slowly filling with more and more stuff. And our culture wants us to have what we want, which most often is more stuff. The accumulation results in clutter in many different forms. And the effect is to slow, delay, or even sabotage
 what we really want in life.

Starting Tuesday, June 2, I'll host a conference call. Starting at 5PM, there will be some teaching, some facilitated discussion, and how to apply Feng Shui to the situation.  There's no sales, no seminars, nothing to buy. I just want to open up this field and let some light and clarity in.  Tuesday's call will be on What is clutter? A couple of minutes before 5, call 267-507-0240. When prompted the code is 2608. If you want a reminder email, click on  this link.
Since I dislike email as much as most anyone, they will short and sweet.
PS - Invite your friends - help one another!

Use Plants to create great Feng Shui
Rose horizontal

How about maximizing the benefits of the Year of the Wood Horse by utilizing the chi of live plants and flowers?

Freshen the air, create positive energy, lift moods - sounds pretty good?  Well, here's how: 
[Oh, don't mind the strange references to the 5 element theory - just know that it works!]  The element of spring is Wood. The color is green; it is strongest in the energy area of Family; and appeals to the physical sense of sight.

If you want to develop your discipline, strength and endurance, find a beautiful pot and plant bamboo. This amazing grass comes in two varieties, clumping and running. Bamboo's tremendous tenacity and impetus to grow is the reason you want it in a pot! A quick story here to illustrate:

Dear, do you think we should go south for the summer?

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