Got Corporate Clutter?
V7 #4                                                                                     April/May 2014

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When I look at who has hired me, who has populated my classes or brought me in as a speaker, it would be almost exclusively women.  The paradox is that once men see how practical Feng Shui is, they usually are the first to implement the recommended changes.

I've now planned two content rich webinars largely for the benefit of women (April 17 and 22).  My take on our future is that it is in the hands of empowered women. That is where the sleeping dragon lies, and it's time for her to awaken!  

To that end, you will be receiving a very short invitation with a link to a description of both webinars. They will be content rich and useful. The first begins by looking at our lives from a broad perspective.

Once a degree of clarity is reached there, the second webinar moves into some specific tools that anyone can use to empower themselves.  Unlock Your Life (April 17) followed by Reclaim Your Life (April 20) both at 10 PDT - both are free with no obligation.

I hope you'll find true value in both. I will also be giving away the transcript (or recording of) a wonderful interview with Dr. Bernie Siegel of Love, Medicine and Miracles to those who register for the webinar.

Onward: Riding the Wooden Horse!
Corporate Clutter (grrr.....)
It appears many companies shoot themselves in the foot with unnecessary clutter.  I'm not talking about too much paper or bad housekeeping (although there is a share of that as well.) I'm talking about the insidious ways they unconsciously clutter their very structure.