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V7 #3                                                                      March/April 2014 
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Feng Shui certified New Condo Development 

A 48 unit condo on Long Island with a starting price of 360K sold out quickly. Why? "We decided to go with feng shui after realizing in one of our previous projects that buyers were making requests to change some layouts for feng shui reasons," Eric Benaim, president and CEO of Modern Spaces, tells MHN. "Incorporating feng shui helped the building a lot, we were able to capture a whole new audience. It's interesting to see how every layout, every wall has been meticulously designed to embrace the feng shui beliefs. Not only did buyers resonate with the design of the Vista, but many participated in the feng shui ceremonies that were held onsite of the property."

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This issue brings back the link to the Library, a resource where you can view all the past issues and possible solve your problem yourself!  This time around there are onlMe/Bhodi Laugh.pngy two articles and one news item. I enjoy passing along places, especially in the business world where Feng Shui has made an  observable increase. This time it's a condo development. And you'll be hearing from me in the few weeks as I finish my eBook and ready my free webinars. You know I try to keep email clutter, so when I do send something, I always want it to be useful for you. 

In the meantime, welcome Spring!
Using Feng Shui for your sound
 Most of us think that Feng Shui only addresses the physical arrangement of objects. This is an incomplete concept when you realize that energy goes everywhere. Most of us have some sort of music system, or a computer layout, Which can also function as a music center. Why not use Feng Shui there?


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Rodens The Thinker
 I've been meditating for a several of months now on just how profoundly taking the first step in adding Feng Shui to our home and work environments can affect our lives. I'm going to offer a couple of free webinars in April. They will examine our lives from the standpoint of what holds us back, and what prevents us from being fully in charge of manifesting our goals and desires.  If we free ourselves, what are the benefits? It turns out there are many and they are all wonderful.
As always, I welcome your comments. If you have a specific aspect of Feng Shui you'd like to know more about, or a questionable situation that you're not quite sure how to handle, don't be shy!

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