In this issue, there are only 2 great things to cover: an introduction to the powerful Year of the Horse and an editorial, "Sailing School for Troubled Waters." I hope you get value from both. And, as always, I'm grateful to hear your comments and thoughts. 
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    What's with the Horse??
Unlike in our Western solar-based calendar, where New Year's Day is always the 1st of January, the Chinese astrological calendar is "lunisolar", taking into consideration the relative movement of both the moon and the sun, with the result that the beginning of the New Year may fall anywhere from late January to the middle of February.  This year, the New Year begins on January 31. "2014" (Western Calendar) is the (Chinese) Year of the Horse and contains several wonderful and interesting facets. Being the 7th animal in the cycle of 12, those of you who know anything about the Enneagram will already have some idea of what is true for folks born during the year of the horse. If you're not familiar with the Enneagram, don't worry, I'll share the Feng Shui perspective.
 Sailing Lessons for Troubled Waters
A story  . . .
After college I worked for CBS TV,  then Walter Reed Army Medical Center and more recently, a high-flying art gallery in Hawaii. I loved my work but it wasn't until I was an art consultant in Hawaii that I was able to make the sort of money I felt I was worth. Otherwise, no matter where I worked, how long I worked, or what I did, there was a ceiling on what I could earn. And, more often than not, whatever contribution I made was not recognized (like being reviewed by Variety.)  Business was set up for one thing, and one thing only - to make money. In government, we did one thing: protect our ass-etts...
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