I just heard that the American Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

coincided this year for the first time since 1888. We will have to wait another 79,000 years, give or take, to experience that concurrence again.   

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I wonder how many of us knew that? Many of my friends will undoubtedly find some sort of mystical message in that, but I just enjoyed the day with good friends!


This will be a short newsletter. I want to let you know what is coming to fruition,  and add some ways you can make your home a sanctuary.


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 What's Sugeet stewing?
The Thinker Gorilla
Anyone read Ishmael?
Like many of us, I know we're in trouble. We are overtaxing Nature's systems. We are using up her natural resources faster than they can be replenished. Washington is a dysfunctional mess, incapable of doing the people's business. We continue to incarcerate poor people while rich bankers, hedge fund managers, and others go scot-free. There is no way I can make sense of the insanity.


I started out feeling not only powerless but helpless as well. Once the reality dawned that the only way out is up from the bottom, my thinking began to change. From my corner, we, you and I and others like us, will have to remake the society if it is not to collapse completely.


In 1986, David Knox Barker wrote Jubilee on Wall Street: An Optimistic Look at the Coming Financial Crash. Who read that? Strangely, almost everything he predicted has come to pass. So what positive action can we take now?


One big reason I and so many others have felt powerless is that we are inundated on a moment to moment basis with information, disinformation, advertising, and reporting on continual crises relating to drugs, gangs, wars, terrorism and on and on and on. There is a way out. The first thing is to realize how deeply we're buried under this tsunami of too much of everything over which we have little personal influence.


The next step is to separate from the Rat Race almost all of us are caught in. It's good to get the fog that surrounds our lives cleared away. We can start to see more clearly. What are MY choices? What can I offer?


You will be getting a chance
I invite you to attend two free webinars I'm planning for January of 2014. The first is 9 Keys to Escape the Rat Race and the second one is 12 Simple Techniques to Reclaim Your Life. Both are free and and both are content rich and useful. Using a webinar I can reach many more people than those who can make it to my talks at the Coop or for the Soroptimists.


You are already a subscriber, so you will be notified of the dates and times as soon as I have them nailed down. I hope you'll give serious consideration to attending both. They will be empowering, especially for the professional woman. But the keys I offer are keys anyone can use, at any stage in life.
  Making Your Home a Sanctuary this Holiday Season
In the last issue, I gave tips on creating a sanctuary in your home. Here are a few more things you might want to try:

* Pay attention to your body. Bodies don't lie, and when it's asking for rest and rejuvenation, listen. Remember, Winter is the season of Yin, of acceptance and nurturance.


* How about getting a set of gold towels? When you wrap yourself in one, imagine the wealth of gold flooding your cells.


* Set your phone on 'do not disturb', turn off the computer, keep the TV silent. Choose music that relaxes you. Keep it low, just to make a sound pillow for you to rest and relax on.


* If you have a favorite scent (I like a pine forest) consider making a small spritzer bottle with the scent diluted. Essential oils are excellent for this use. No need to assault your senses - subtlety is called for here. Let it take your mind to . . .wherever. 


* Take hot water and a fresh wash cloth, dip it, wring it, spritz it with that scent and lay it over your face. This works equally well for men as women.


* If the weather allows, walk barefoot on the earth. There is an enormous amount of healing Gaia carries in her. You can ground out negativity, and you can also bring in healing energies. For more on how to use the Earth, watch the movie Grounded at: http://www.kroschelfilms.com/grounded.


* Write a gratitude Journal and add to it as often as you can. When you feel like "I've had it!" open the journal and read some of you entries. There's far more to be grateful about than there is to be annoyed, frustrated, agitated, insanely jealous, livid, infuriated, disappointed, aggravated, bugged and miffed about.


Be good to yourself and those you love during the holiday season. Know that the Year of the Horse will be with us soon, and that's a good thing! Courage, adventurness, and sociability are just a few of the characteristics of a Horse Year.



Many blessings,