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Ever miss an appointment because you couldn't find your keys? Ever wonder why you don't use one room in your home? Do your kids rule the roost? 
All these and more can be solved using Feng Shui. But sometimes that solution from the book you bought doesn't do the trick. So what if you had your own Feng Shui Master on call? And what if you could call him back whenever? 


 Need some coaching after running into a wall removing the clutter? Can't figure out the best arrangment in the bedroom? There are so many situations that can be significantly improved. 

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The 6 sessions can be scheduled for any time within the six months following your signup. You may elect to use all of them in one month, or spread them throughout the six months - I actually recommend one session per month so that you will have time to assimilate the information and make suggested adjustments. There may well be   further questions. Any situation you'd like to work on is fair game. Let's see if we can't really use positive chi to bring prosperity, love, and nourishment to your life.   Call me, 541.488.1777 or send me an email, and I'll give you the details.


What do you want to see?
I'm looking for a few readers to interview. One of the best ways to improve a business is to find out what's on your side of the fence. I want to hear what's holding you back, what are the things that frustrate you. All infomration will be kept strictly confiential as I am after the concerns, not names. If you're willing, send me an email and let me know when would be a good time to call you. Many thanks.

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Want to see what I have to say about a parti
cular subject? Perhaps get an idea for yourself? Well, this is my sixth year publishing these and you are welcome to check out the Library. If you don't find what you want there, or find it not covered inenouh detail, send me an email or give a call 541-488-1777.  
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Phoney vs Real Help
July/August 2013                                                         V6 #4
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As this issue comes to you I am in transition. Continuing study of Feng Shui, thelps me see so many parts of not only our existence, but that of the natural world demonstrate Feng Shui principles. Actually, it is quite the reverse!  In future issues you will see more as I spread my wings to incorporate how this ancient art and science can benefit us. I will  be adding others to the skill set than just Feng Shui, so be prepared.


As part of that process, Im looking for readers who would like to participate in that change. I'm seeking individuals who are willing to let me interview them for a short time and ask some hard questions about what works and what doesn't work for you.  I will not be attaching any identifier to those interviews, rather using the results to tweak and expand. So...if you're willing, click here and let me know a phone number and when is the best time is to catch you. In return, I'd like you to have a color BaGua and a 3 door layout of the BaGua which you can use when making adjustments to your own business or home.

                                                                        In service, 

       3 of us                                                                                       Sugeet                                                                          

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky_bamboo Is Lucky Bamboo Lucky? Is Lucky Bamboo bamboo?

A resounding NO answers both questions - well not quite.  Is it lucky?  Only if you manifest luck due to an unstinting belief that buying this little plant creates luck.   I guess it does if that's what you believe. My take is quite different, and for a number of reasons. continue reading
Windowless Office? Cubicle dungeon? Let's make it sing!
In Real Estate offices, and many other settings, I've noticed the majority of employees occupy a cubicle that will contain everything needed to do the job - whatever that is. But unless you like a cookie cutter approach to your life, you may want to liven up that 9 to 5 space using some solid feng shui principles.
Windowless cubicle
Does your workplace resemble this?

I feel for you.  BUT, there is hope.
 continue reading

Love to garden? Try these tips
FS Garden
Makes you want to take a stroll
* Lay the BaGua over your lot with the driveway being the entrance to the property. Notice what areas are represented in each area.
* Know that the predominating element can be done with color and/ or shape. Water is black or dark blue, the form is wavy.  Fire is red and the pattern is triangular. Wood is green and a columnar shape. Metal is gray or gold and represented by round; while Earth is yellow to brown and the shape is square. You can use the color, or the shape, or both, to bring out that element.
* If you want to balance any part of your landscape (keeping it all in balance) use all 5 colors.
* A water feature brings wealth, but the water needs to flow toward the home, not away. For that reason, many fountains should be in the back yard in a proper setting, perhaps the far left corner (wealth.) Likewise, buildings who put a fountain in the front with water flowing for show will result in wealth draining away from the occupants.

If you want a plan review, this is available at a very reasonable cost. Simple questions can be answered by phone, 541-488-1777. Ask for Sugeet.

PS - Feeling stressed out, frustrated, honked off? Come home and go pull weeds, plant plants, water the garden. In 20 minutes Gaia will have taken all the goo and grounded you. You will be human once again.
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