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My satisfaction comes from the positive changes my work produces for people. Look at what my clients have to say - and know that the highest honor you can give is to give me a referral to one of your friends or business compatriots. If you appreciate what I do, take a moment, click on the red envelope and pass this issue along to someone you appreciate. They will only get this issue, if they wish to subscribe they can use the button below here. Otherwise they will receive nothing more from Creative Visions. Go ahead, pay it forward!


I'm offering a new service, phone consults when you need them!


My new package of (6) 45 minute sessions costs $195.00. If purchased individually, they would be $234, so by purchasing the package you will essentially receive one session for free! It is also a considerable savings over my usual hourly.

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The 6 sessions can be scheduled for any time within the six months following your signup. You may elect to use all of them in one month, or spread them throughout the six months - I actually recommend one session per month so that you will have time to assimilate the information and make suggested adjustments, which may trigger further questions. Any situation you'd like to work on is fair game. Let's see if we can't really use qi to bring prosperity, love, and nourishment to your life.   Call me, 541.488.1777 or send me an email, and I'll give you the details.


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2 Simple ways to make Your Life Better
May/June 2013                                                         V6 #3
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This issue brings 2 new features to the publication. And please know, I 'd very much like to hear your reaction to both.



First, you'll notice that only part of a story appears. Then there's a link to the whole article. I'm trying this to see if more folks open and read, and which articles they read. That will help me make this publication better.

Second, I've included a guest column from Jenny Morin, owner of Efficient Spaces. When I teach clutter clearing, some folk would like to have a organized system to keep things in their place! Take a look at her article, feel free to contact her if you need that sort of help. Once again, please let me know if you like this idea (of a guest article) or if you feel otherwise. Without your input, I have to intuit what's best.


Entering Your Home
Water ripplesIf you want good Feng Shui  - no excellent Feng Shui! - water plays an important part both in the home and in the yard. It's associated with good health, prosperity, movement and open space. Undoubtedly you have eaten in a Chinese restaurant and noticed the fish tank. It's there for a reason, and it's  a tool you can use as well. (click here to continue reading)
Make Your Front Door Work for You
Just as you take in food through your mouth, so too your home takes in outside chi through the front door.  Unfortunately, we have become a culture dependent upon our cars.  Most of us pull into our garages, and enter our homes through a door to the laundry or kitchen area.
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We bypass the Front Door completelyI (click here to continue reading)

A Professional Organizer Looks at the Entryway of Your Home
Jenny Morin
Let's take a look at your entryway.  You keep it clutter-free, right? Even I, a professional organizer, have been embarrassed at times by my entryway, through no fault of my own.  I blame the children (I have 4 of them).

All kidding aside, what is the secret to an organized, presentable entryway? How do you prevent it from becoming a dumping-ground for shopping, gym bags, backpacks, purses, shoes, etc?Benjamin Franklin said: "A place for everything and everything in its place." He was absolutely right. You have to recognize you are not perfect, neither is your family. When you are in a hurry things don't get put away. But if you establish a "safe home" for everything that tends to get dumped there, you will be well on your way to a spiffy entry. And cleanup will be a snap.

1.  Measure the area to see how much space you have for shelving
or a piece of furniture for storage.
2.  Pick a bad day, when lots of stuff is lying around, and catalog it.
How many shoes? How many bags?
3.  Decide whether you want open storage or enclosed.
4.  Buy it and put everything away.  Purge the stuff you don't use,
and put out of season stuff away.
5.  Give your family a "tour" of where everything goes.
If you need help with the purging and deciding which type of  storage is best, call me!
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