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I'm offering a new service, phone consults when you need them!


My new package of (6) 45 minute sessions costs $195.00. If purchased individually, they would be $234, so by purchasing the package you will essentially receive one session for free! It is also a considerable savings over my usual hourly.

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The 6 sessions can be scheduled for any time within the six months following your signup. You may elect to use all of them in one month, or spread them throughout the six months - I actually recommend one session per month so that you will have time to assimilate the information and make suggested adjustments, which may trigger further questions. Any situation you'd like to work on is fair game. Let's see if we can't really use qi to bring prosperity, love, and nourishment to your life.   Send me an email, and I'll give you the details.


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My satisfaction comes from the positive changes my work produces for people. Look at what my clients have to say - and know that the highest honor you can give is to give me a referral to one of your friends or business compatriots. If you appreciate what I do, take a moment, click on the red envelope and pass this issue along to someone you appreciate. They will only get this issue, if they wish to subscribe they can use the button below here. Otherwise they will receive nothing more from Creative Visions. Go ahead, pay it forward!

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cular subject? Perhaps get an idea for yourself? Well, this is my sixth year publishing these and you are welcome to check out the Library. If you don't find what you want there, or find it not covered inenouh detail, send me an email or give a call 541-488-1777.  
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Sugeet Mikota
Sugeet carries the highest level of certification from the International Feng Shui Guild. His tool kit includes many other talents and skills. He offers a free initial conversation to learn what your situation is. He only accepts situations where he knows he can make a major difference. In other words, if it's not a good fit for you and for him, you have just had an illuminating conversation. He will even
pay for the call!
Just send an email to him and put
in the subject line. He will get back to you to set up a mutually agreeable time.

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Feng Shui Earth Day? What the hay?
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This newsletter is a bit late this month, due to my taking a long deserved break: days spent at the ocean with a good friend; no musts, shoulds or ought-tos! A time to flush out the negative qi and let the wonderful negative ions refill my space. One editor said it should read 'positive ions. Alas, the ones we want are the negative ones - those are positive!


I will be speaking at the Co-op on Earth Day, so I thought it appropriate to expand a bit on things you can do to clear and clean your Earth (body/relationships/home) so Spring can really SPRING! Read on and I trust you will enjoy and use the information below. 7-9pm, Earth Day at the Coop's community classroom.


Spring and Your Personal Earth Day!

These two tie together in one beautiful package. It's too easy to forget that we are part of the Earth and, as such, we deserve caring just as much as Mother Earth does. So what to do?


Start by taking a look around and deciding what, within reason, deserves a good Spring cleaning. You know my emphasis on getting rid of the clutter, simplifying and allowing the new. But have you thought about putting Feng Shui to work on your relationships?


Try the following and see if your relationships don't improve:


1. Always speak as "I", never "you". "You" carries certain negativity, whereas "I" allows the listener to decide if what you say should be adopted or just does not apply. Allo Woman phone wing the other to decide instead of you telling them what to do. That changes the relationship for the better


2. Do you know what "But" does? It negates everything before it. The word But = No. Think about the following: "I'd like to come, BUT blah, blah, blah." Before you use BUT, think of how you can phrase your response in a non-hurtful way - "I already have an engagement that day, I'm so sorry I'll miss yours...."


3. Avoid the negatives, especially NOT. That's adding negative qi to your conversation. Say things in a positive way.


4. Avoid "should," "would," and "ought." These words carry a value judgment that may not be shared by the person you're talking to. This comes from the Mom/Teacher/Authority Figure and creates a power differential with you above and your listener below. Practice eliminating these from your vocabulary and notice how much nicer your conversations are.


5. Too often I hear people say "something makes me feel like blah blah." No one can make you feel anything. This is a way Finger coupleof avoiding responsibly for the way you feel. YOU decide how to feel. Own it.


  Change your vocabulary and watch how the world changes around you! You're cleaning up your side of the street and allowing positive things to happen.


Clean up your personal Environment.


You know about the physical clutter, but have you considered:

* What's the air quality in your home? Can you open your Dog w windows, even for a little while? Fresh air helps move negative qi out. If this is not possible, consider a good air purifier. Are you ready for this? Currently Amazon has over 33,000 items classed as air purifiers! That's more choice than anyone needs, but it does allow you maximum flexibility.


* What's your lighting like? Natural light is the best, but that's difficult after sundown! You now have an enormous range of choices between compact fluorescent, LED, and halogen. Be careful here. Light is measured in Kelvin. Each type of lighting has a range of Kelvin, which means either no color or cool or warm. I've seen "daylight" fluorescent bulbs that make me look pasty and sick. I don't care how balanced their spectrum is, I don't want those around me. Certain shades or colors of light are more flattering for women.  So, before you buy your next replacement bulb, find out what's going to look best and feel best for you and those around you. If you live in the Rogue Valley, Grover's hLightboxesas a row of identical photos of someone. Each separate box is lit with a bulb of a different Kelvin. OMG, some look like they were old photos, while others look black and white etc.,etc..


How about adding green to your home? Spring and the Wood element mean growth and new beginnings,
Bearded Iris in Quartz from Paradise in Bloom 

certainly appropriate for the Year of the Snake. Where might it brighten things up? Got a black thumb? Get some really good silk plants and keep them clean by air washing or water washing (really good silk plants are fine with water.) Avoid the phony ones at the craft stores - they LOOK phony. Good ones make you check the leaves to see if they are real or not. The best source I know for silk flowers is Paradise in Bloom. Check out their website, or give them a call at
(541) 973-5200.


I invite you to join me at the Ashland Food Coop's community classroom, at 7PM on Earth Day. That evening I'll be adding more things you can do this Spring to make your life richer, more nourishing, just plain better! The Coop will be celebrating too so you might want to see what else they will be offering.

What does the Water Snake have in store for us?

Points to keep in mind as the Year of the Snakes passes:

* Conserve: your money, your enery, your possessions

*  Be aware the year will be filled with uncertanties. Do not let these throw you off balance.

*  Know that in the US, and in the West generally, economically things will continue to deteriorate. The social fabric we are used to is being shredded.

*  There can be many natural disasters.

*  China will take the lead in the world economy.

*  Real estate will coninue to be sluggish.

*  Watch for big swings in the stock markets. Watch for big volatility in the stock market, after it peaks in July.

*  Favorable colors for the year are  gold, silver, white, beige, yellow, brown and red.

* Take advantage of opportunities, but be cautious.

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