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2013 Yr of Snake
Once again I am honored by the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association to give a talk during the Chinese New Year's Celebration in Jacksonville.
Saturday, January 16 will be a full day of activities, led off by the Dragon Dance through downtown.Chinese dragon Where I'll be speaking and what time has yet to be  decided.
There will be a kickoff on Thursday, January 14 at 6:45pm in the Music Recital Hall at Southern Oregon University. Huxia Orchestra and Chinese Kung Fu by the Shaolin Monks will be featured. It promises to be fascinating. Plan on coming, and watch the local papers for the full schedule., Better yet, plan on spending the whole day in Jacksonville and bring the  family.

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Here Comes the Snake!
V6 #1
Yoda & Sugeet

Here I am a metal Snake in love with Cats! What kind of a snake is that?  I'll leave the answer up to you.

In this issue are a few glimpses at the upcoming Chinese New Year, and a couple of other items I think are important, Especially the piece around Gema Allen.

There's also a continuing thread about why I'm starting to focus on a very specific part of Feng Shui - something that applies to almost everyone who reads this ezine. So read on and I hope you'll gain some valuable tips and tricks!

And If I don't talk with you before, have a Blessed Western New Year!
Introducing Gema Allen, another kind of Master
Holisitc medicine looks at the whole body and treats it as a unit instead of the isolated parts allopathic medicine does.  The results are often not as dramatic as taking a bottle of pills, but tend to bring the body back into harmony. The body's chi flows smoothly again and health returns. I've gotten to know a master energy worker, one who's sensitivity is so acute that she anaylzes with amazing accuracy.

Cranial Sac.png She does massage, but most of her work is cranial sacral, and in that field she is a master. Much of the complications I have "enjoyed" since my surgery have gotten major relief with sessions by Gema. Much of her practice is on infants - and Mom's are the most judgmental whether or not something is helping their baby.  

Gema does not advertise, does not network, she just does what's needed.  Her advertising is word of mouth - and that's what this article is about - word of mouth. Your body has chi circuits running through it, and cranial sacral work can correct and improve the flow of your personal chi.  I cannot recommend Gema highly enough. Her business is called Light Heart Touch and her cell is 541.301.0707.  Give her a call and get a session - you won't be disappointed.

What does the Water Snake have in store for us?

We're still in the Year of the Dragon - until Febryary 10. At that point we move into the Year of the Snake.

For many Chinese zodiac signs, it will be slow going, while others will navigate the upcoming year with greater ease.

If you were born in a Snake Year, you tend to be secretive and never do anything without a reason. You do not make decisions easily, and are not afraid to be a bit manipulative of the odds. You love power but examine possible moves with caution. You tend to keep things to yourself, so when you do make a move, it is often a surprise to others. If you want to avoid too many unexpected events, gather a group of trusted friends around you and talk about your plans. Be open to feedback.  It will be a year of shakeups.

Those born under the sign of the Sheep, Dog, Ox, will come out better during the year than the either signs. You will probably lose less than the other signs, and may come out slightly ahead.

Rooster, Rat, Monkey and Horse will struggle, as you prefer to decide quickly and move with speed. The best thing to do is to take the year to consolidate what has been gained and sit it out.

Dragons will be just as lucky in 2013 as they were in 2012. Tigers will find things acceptable, but not in the area of love. The Pig will get by with a bit more to show.

Rabbits will be frustrated, more than they have been in a long time.

Snakes need to go with the flow, let things be and not expect too much. Quiet and contemplation will help.

More in the next issue, after all, the New Year does not start in China for another month

Indian clean desk
Ahh, clutter free!

Being a snake myself, I pay close attention to what the year 2013 has to say to me: it agrees with where my studies have been taking me: back to the beginning. A brief episode from an earlier stage in my life illustrates why really digging into the beginning is so very, very important.  

I wanted to become a professional photographer. I researched which camera to buy, what lenses I might need, the best light meter - on and on.  I spent a good chunk of change. When all was assembled into the very fancy Halliburton (that's night! Halliburton) case, I was ready.  And I took pictures. Lots of them.  And they
bad hair day
No, this is not mine!
were interesting, but they lacked the pop I knew separated the amateurs from the pros. The results were disappointing. Good, but amateur.  It took time to realize that what I needed was to master one lens and only when that was giving great results should I add another to my kit.  And so it is in the world of energy, each step needs to be thoroughly understood and mastered before moving on to the next step.

If you know Feng Shui at all, you know that Rule #1 is GET RID OF CLUTTER. Oh, if it were only that easy!  The more I research and study this, the deeper it gets. Getting rid of clutter is not as simple as tossing extras into the garbage.

Once you start to understand really effective ways of clearing clutter from youEyeglasses on bookr life, the rewards are nothing less than spectacular. Now I agree that sounds over the top - but it's not really. People find their energy returning; creativity rising; productivity increasing; a lightness of living and a joy in new endeavors.  

I'm working out the details for a free webinar which will take you on the steps toward realizing all those wonderful things. Know that I'll be sending you a personal invitation to join me in the next few weeks for this free webinar to help you get started. To my students who have already taken one of my clutter courses, I welcome you to return for a fresher-upper. It will also help you understand another level of reclaiming your life!

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