June 2015
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Message from the RAP Coordinator
Please join us for the 5th Annual Detroit River Evening on June 16th from 6:30-8:30pm. Details below!

As always, we love to hear from you. If you have any upcoming events, questions, or feedback, please email postmaster@detroitriver.ca.   


Claire Sanders

Remedial Action Plan Coordinator  

Detroit River Canadian Cleanup 

You're Invited to the 5th Annual Detroit River Evening!

The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup will host its 5th Annual Detroit River Evening at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER), on Tuesday, June 16 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The evening will begin with updates on the progress of the Remedial Action Plan and release of the annual report. Following this, guest speaker, Jon Bondy, will give a presentation about his career and life on the river. Jon is a local fishing guide who has been fishing the Detroit River since childhood. He has spent over 20 years guiding the Detroit River and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles, as well as on local and national TV.

Everyone is welcome to attend!! The event is free and light refreshments will be served so registration is requested HERE or contact sanders@detroitriver.ca by June15.  

Water Reclamation Plant Open House

Join the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant Open House on Saturday, June 20. The event is free to the public and includes plant tours, exhibits and activities for the whole family. Come out and learn about "where it goes... when you go."



Candidate Chemicals of Mutual Concern for Public Review

Canada and the United States Release Draft Binational Summary Reports for Candidate Chemicals of Mutual Concern for Public Review and Input

The 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement requires the United States and Canada to identify Chemicals of Mutual Concern (CMCs) that the two countries agree are potentially harmful to the environment or human health as a result of their presence in the waters of the Great Lakes.

A CMC Identification Task Team consisting of experts from government, industry, environmental non-government organizations, and academia reviewed and evaluated existing data and information and drafted 
Binational Summary Reports for each candidate CMC. These draft Reports are available for public review and input.

Canada and the United States Implement a Chemical of Mutual Concern Nomination Process for Great Lakes Stakeholders


As a means to promote stakeholder engagement in the CMC identification process, Canada and the U.S. have established a process by which non-governmental stakeholders may propose specific chemicals for consideration as candidate CMCs.

DRCC Talks to Students about Benthic Invertebrates

The Essex Region Conservation Authority initiated an educational program this year, aimed at teaching high school students about the use of benthic invertebrates in water quality monitoring. Benthic invertebrates are the critters that live on, and in, the sediment at the bottom of waterbodies. Depending on the species found in a location, inferences can be made about water quality in that waterbody. The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup joined ERCA in classrooms at Maranatha Christian Academy, Walkerville Collegiate Institute and Tecumseh Vista Academy to teach students about the Detroit River Area of Concern, our Remedial Action Plan, and the Degradation of Benthos Beneficial Use Impairment. 

Students then went out into the Detroit River watershed and put what they'd learned to use! Samples were collected from River Canard and one of its tributaries and brought back to the classroom so students could try their hand at invertebrate identification.  



Detroit River Canadian Cleanup and ERCA staff at Maranatha Christian Academy. Left to right: Claire Sanders, Katie Stammler, Sarah Baldo and Phil Robson.
Earth Day 2015 Planting Event

by Ian Naisbitt, Co-Chair, DRCC Education and Public Involvement Work Group & Chair, Little River Enhancement Group 

On Sunday, April 26, the Windsor-Essex community celebrated Earth Day by planting over 2 000 trees and shrubs of various sizes! Over 1 000 community volunteers participated in this event! Volunteers worked from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Essex Region Conservation Authority organized the event.


The weather in the morning was mainly sunny with a UV index of 6 or higher; clear, blue sky and a brisk 2 degrees Celsius. By noon it was a balmy 10 C. There was a north wind at 20 km/h gusting to 40 km/h! Thankfully, there was zero threat of rain.


This is the fourth year we have planted in the Little River Corridor Park, between Florence Avenue and the old channel of Little River in east Windsor. It looks like this location is complete, except for some expected tree mortality due to heavy browsing in the area. The critters have to eat too! Some of the species of trees planted included: American Sycamore, Red Cedar, Tulip Tree, Pin Oak, Hackberry, Red Oak, American Elm and Swamp Maple.


Wildlife observed in the area included: swooping Tree Swallows, several Red-winged Blackbirds, Canada Goose, Mallard Duck, Common Grackles, a Great Blue Heron, Mourning Dove and one male Ring-necked Pheasant. Also, while looking across the field, you can see the damage that was caused by the Emerald Ash Borer - ash trees with no bark and grey coloured trunks.


And to top off a great Earth Day celebration, just as the last organizers were leaving the area, a beautiful Bald Eagle flew directly overhead! Fantastic!

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Upcoming Events
Save the date for these great local events! Please ensure you contact the organizer for more information.


June 5, 2015: 10:00am-noon

John R. Park Homestead, Harrow


Spend the day going back in time! This program, for children and their adults, offers a hands-on, entertaining and educational experience at the John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area. Participants will enjoy a variety of pioneer experiences, an old-time snack and will make a souvenir to take home. $15 registration fee applies. Register hereFor more information, call 519-738-2029 or contact the Homestead at jrph@erca.org.


June 10, 2015: 7:30pm

Ojibway Nature Centre, 5200 Matchette Road, Windsor

Krystal Hans will present, "Bizarre Bug Tales: Maggots and Murder". She will discuss the history of forensic entomology and common applications of this field, as well provide specific cases that she has worked on in Ohio. She will also present some of her PhD dissertation research and discuss its applications in forensic entomology and the significance of her research. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Ojibway Nature Center. 
Everyone is welcome!


June 12-14, 2015

Festival Plaza, Windsor


Taking place June 12-14, 2015, Carrousel by the River presents world-class entertainment and an array of exciting cultural experiences including food, art and dance - all against the breathtaking backdrop of the Detroit River at Festival Plaza. For more information, visit http://carrouselofnations.com/content/faqs.


June 17, 2015: 7:30pm

Canada South Science City, 930 Marion Avenue, Windsor


A free public forum on science research and its importance in our lives, presented by well-known research scientists. Light refreshments will be served.


June 20, 2015: 8:00am-5:00pm

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area, Leamington

This beginner-intermediate multi-sport adventure race course will include cycling, trekking, orienteering and paddling. Solo racers or teams of 2 or 3 male, female, co-ed or youth participants can put their skills to the test along this 6-8 hour race course. For more information, visit 


June 22, 2015: doors open at 9:30am

Capitol Theatre, 930 Marion Avenue, Windsor


The Essex Region Conservation Foundation is pleased to announce David Suzuki is bringing his book tour to Windsor on June 22nd to speak on his new book, Letters to My Grandchildren. In his most important book since The Sacred Balance, and his most personal ever, revered environmentalist David Suzuki draws on his experiences and wisdom gained over his life to pass on to future generations. The event will be held at the Capital Theatre with doors opening at 9:30 a.m. It includes a talk from David Suzuki, a Q & A session, and a book signing. Tickets are $7 for adults or $3 for students and are available online here.


June 22, 2015: 10:06pm

Detroit Riverfront, Windsor and Detroit


The Ford Fireworks will take place on June 22, beginning at 10:06 p.m. This is the 57th annual Ford Fireworks along the Detroit River. The event draws hundreds of thousands each year!


June 27, 2015: noon-4:00pm

Vince Marcotte Park, LaSalle


Volunteers are invited to come out and help clean up Turkey Creek from the water. Limited canoes and gear will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Participants may also bring their own canoes and gear. PFDs, bailer, throw rope, and whistle are required. Participants will have 2 hours to collect as much garbage from the creek as they can. Prizes will be awarded for most garbage collected, strangest item pulled from the creek, and best decorated canoe. Event is free and includes a barbecue lunch.


July 11, 2015: noon-4:00pm


Tour includes lunch and expert narration about the Detroit River's environmental hot spots and unique fish and wildlife habitats. This is an excellent opportunity to see why we must continue to value this special river and do what we can to protect it. Tickets are $30CAN/$25US and can be purchased online here. To inquire about purchasing tickets at our office with cash or cheque, please e-mail us at ceaadmin@cogeco.net or call 519-973-1116.


July 18, 11am - July 19, 11am 

Ojibway Nature Centre, 5200 Matchette Road, Windsor, ON 


The Ojibway Prairie Complex is an ecologically important area within the Detroit River watershed with incredible biodiversity - home to nearly 4000 species! The inaugural Ojibway Prairie BioBlitz - an event aimed at cataloguing as many species as possible within a 24-hour period - was held last year and over 1100 species were identified. This year's Ojibway Prairie BioBlitz will be held on July 18-19 and we could use your help to beat last year's record. The BioBlitz team is looking for participants, as well as volunteers to help run the event. There are also fishing opportunities, as a portion of the Detroit River is included in the survey area. If you are an angler interested in making the biodiversity that exists in our region known, please consider participating in this year's Blitz.

The event is free and sure to be fun for the whole family, complete with guided hikes and live demos. For more information, or to register for the event, visit: www.essexcountynature.com. Hope to see you there!   

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