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July 2014
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Message from the RAP Coordinator
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the Essex County Field Naturalists' first ever BioBlitz (see below for a summary of the event.) It was a long, very hot day and it was so much fun to explore the unique flora and fauna of the Ojibway complex with friends. It was a great opportunity to learn from experts and get really charged-up about what an incredible place Essex County is for biodiversity! One of my favourite parts was watching the sun set on the Detroit River at Gil Maure Park in LaSalle. While we rested for a few minutes from our busy day, we watched people fish peacefully on the shore and we happily added 'Bald Eagle' to our list of species. A pretty perfect way to end the day!


As always, we love to hear from you. If you have any upcoming events, questions, or feedback, please email [email protected].   


Thank you,

Claire Sanders 

Remedial Action Plan Coordinator  

Detroit River Canadian Cleanup 

Seeking Comments on Proposed Change in Status for BUI!

The DRCC is looking for your feedback on its recommendation to remove the 'Degradation of Aesthetics' from the Detroit River's list of impaired beneficial uses. The partnership uses a list of 14 potential beneficial use impairments or BUIs to determine the condition of the Detroit River. As of June 2014, the Detroit River has 7 impaired, 4 not impaired, and 3 under review (including Aesthetics). The proposed re-designation in status brings us all one step closer to removing the Detroit River from the list of Great Lakes' Areas of Concern. 

What is Aesthetics?
Aesthetics, for the purpose of the Remedial Action Plan, refers to the visible condition of the water that may indicate anthropogenic pollution problems leading to poor water quality.
A study conducted by the partnership examined Detroit River water colour, clarity (turbidity), and odour; presence/absence of debris (trash, sewage, oil, scum), foam, and vegetation. These indicators helped us determine the aesthetic condition of the river. The results of this assessment suggest that there are no significant, persistent degradation of aesthetics on the Canadian side of the Detroit River AOC. Please see our website for more information.
What can you do?
We need your input! Please click here to download the report, read it, then submit your written comments by email ([email protected]) by Monday, July 7, 2014. Thank you for your feedback!
Something Fishy is Up with the DRCC
The DRCC's 4th Annual Detroit River Evening was a huge success with over 50 people in attendance to listen to Mr. Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, speak about The Challenge of Climate Change for Ontario. In addition, we highlighted some of our exciting Detroit River habitat and outreach projects from 2013/14.

Prior to the meeting start, guests were also invited to tour the DRCC's new exhibit at Windsor's Community Museum, "SOS - Saving our Strait: Restoring Our River Together". 

Another big star of the Detroit River Evening was our new 6' long paper mache Lake Sturgeon (affectionately named Stu by the Museum's staff). Be sure to pop by the Museum to see the exhibit and have your photo taken with Stu - our river giant!

BioBlitz a Big Success!

The Essex County Field Naturalists held their inaugural BioBlitz on Saturday, June 28. Over 100 amateur and expert naturalists joined forces and spent the day searching the Ojibway complex in Windsor for as many species as possible in a 24-hour time period. Bird experts, bug experts, terrestrial and aquatic plant experts, and even a worm expert combined their skills to try to prove that Essex County is the most biologically diverse region in Canada! It also served to highlight the incredible number of species at risk in the region and the importance of the entire Ojibway complex, including Ojibway Shores.

The Blitz kicked off at 10am with the buzz of excited naturalists eager to get into the field. Enthusiastic members of the public were encouraged to sign up for hikes with experts throughout the event. Some plant and insect species were collected to be taken to labs for identification, so please stay tuned to find out how many species were recorded and to learn if any of them were a new discovery for Ojibway, Ontario, or even Canada!

Read more about the BioBlitz here.
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Upcoming Events
Save the date for these great local events! Please ensure you contact the organizer for more information.


July 8, 2014: 7pm

Ojibway Nature Centre

5200 Matchette Road, Windsor  


Are the use of pesticides affecting the quality of our food and the health of our agricultural system?? Join WECEC for a FREE public lecture Neonicotinoids: A Lament for Pollinators by Farms at Work Native Pollinator Program Manager, Susan Chan.

For more information, visit www.wecec.org or contact Averil Parent at (519) 253-7111.


July 12, 2014: Noon-4:00pm  

Tickets include lunch & narrated tour: $30 CAN/US 


Board the Macassa Bay cruise ship for a four hour tour of the Detroit River. Listen to expert narration about the Detroit River's environmental hot spots and unique fish and wildlife habitats. An excellent opportunity to see why we must continue to value this special river and do what we can to protect it. Guest speakers TBA.

Visit the CEA homepage to purchase tickets ONLINE 

 Purchase tickets at our office:1950 Ottawa St., or email us at [email protected] or call 519-973-1116



July 26 AND 27, 2014: Noon-5:00pm  

County Road 50 between Holiday Beach and Kingsville Marina  


In this open-house style festival along the Lake Erie shore, following County Road 50, participating sites offer a variety of unique activities to visitors. The variety of businesses open for touring and shopping on this day along the lake include: farmers, wineries, road side vegetable stands, restaurants, bed and breakfasts  golf courses, conservation areas, beaches, harbours and marinas, artists, authors, and various other small business owners.


The Explore the Shore Committee encourages visitors to visit as many locations as possible. At any participating location pick up an Explore The Shore brochure which contains a listing of all businesses' activities as well as the grand prize passport!  To be eligible to win the grand prize, have any 5 businesses stamp or initial on their respective spot on the passport and turn the passport in at your last stop for your chance at the grand prize!


For more information: Explore the Shore 




September 10, 2014: 7:30pm  

Ojibway Nature Centre

5200 Matchette Road, Windsor  


Have you ever wondered what happens to water and other substances when they are flushed down our drains and toilets? It shouldn't be a mystery. The City of Windsor and the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup initiative have partnered to create a wastewater video to help de-mystify the topic, and educate viewers. Everything we put down our drains can have a big impact on our home and our environment. For example, there are many household items that are branded as 'flushable' that really shouldn't be put down the toilet. Same goes with old, expired medication-wastewater treatment plants were never designed to remove those substances from water. Join City of Windsor Environmental Coordinator, Karina Richters, and Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Remedial Action Plan Coordinator, Claire Sanders, for a screening and discussion of the short video "Wasterwater: Where Does it Go?"


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