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"A Natural Solution to Hair Loss Problems for Men and Women"
March 2014

If you're losing more than 50 to 100 hairs every day, then you might be suffering from hair loss. But take heart, because you aren't alone. And while hair loss is common, it doesn't have to be permanent! NutraCare's nettle hair care products may help restore fading hairlines and replenish your scalp with healthy, beautiful hair.

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Know Your Enemy!
Here are a few of the most common causes for hair loss:
  • Medications and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or other radition therapy, can kill off healthy hair follicles. Some prescription drugs, from acne treatment to cholesterol-reducing pills, have side effects that can cause temporary or even permanent hair loss. Check with your doctor if you suspect medication could be causing your hair loss.   
  • DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that can cause male pattern baldness by shrinking hair follicles, which damages natural hair production. Nettle hair products can help inhibit DHT and prevent damage to your hair.
  • Heredity is the most common cause of baldness among men, although women can be susceptible to it as well. It can come from either side of your family and strike at any time in your life.
  • Poor nutrition contributes more to hair loss than you  might think! Studies show that many people suffer from a serious deficiency in vitamin D, a lack of which has been proven in laboratory studies to cause hair loss among mice and humans.  A deficiency in protein can also contribute to hair loss. 
  • Alopecia is a condition that causes unnatural hair loss from some or all parts of the body. Early signs include small bald patches where the skin has no obvious scarring or abnormalities, which may feel tingly or painful.  
  • Hormone imbalances are the leading cause of hair loss for women, especially after menopause. As she ages, a woman's body may begin to produce increased testosterone or convert androgens like DHEA into DHT, which causes hair loss in men.   
  • Disease or illness, such as thyroid problems or scalp conditions like ringworm (a fungal infection), can lead to hair loss.  
  • Major emotional stress can turn into physiological stress, which has a serious impact on your hairline. A lack of appetite or inability to sleep might cause massive changes in your body's hormonal makeup, sometimes leading to hair loss. Hair loss due to emotional stress is usually temporary and returns to normal once the stressful event is passed.   
  • Hair treatments that damage hair. If you don't know what's being put into your hair, you may not even realize the damage it's doing.

Don't just suffer from hair loss - fight back! With NutraCare's nettle hair loss shampoo, conditioner, and concentrated lotion, you may be able to replenish your thinning scalp with thicker, healthier hair.


Whatever the cause of your hair loss, NutraCare may be able to help. Try our nettle products now and see what we can do for you!   

The Eye(brow)s Have It!
NutraCare has  discovered a new application for our concentrated nettle lotion: growing eyebrows! Some of our customers have told us they've applied the lotion to their eyebrows and are seeing new hairs growing in.

It is important to not spray the lotion directly onto the brows so you don't accidentally hit your eyes, which would be bad. But if the lotion is applied directly to the brows with an applicator such as a brow brush, the results might surprise and delight you. Click Here to give it a try!

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