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 Spring 2014   


FBS Frequently Asked Questions:


Will FBS provide the entire building, similar to a General Contractor?


FBS provides the building enclosure with exterior finishes component of the project. We do not act as a general contractor for your project, but typically either subcontract to a general contractor or work directly with owners and developers that act as their own general contractor or construction manager...........

Fullerton Building Systems, Inc. acknowledged by the MN Finance & Commerce

"Minnesota Finance & Commerce" has acknowledged Fullerton Building Systems, along with Marna Fullerton with the 2014  "Progress Award". This award was announced on February 7th.  A more formal announcement will be in the "Progress Minnesota" magazine supplement and the awards program, with the Minnesota Governor.

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President Message:
As we begin a new year and make the seasonal transition into Spring, the outlook for our overall economy continues to remain a bit optimistic.  There are many consumers and businesses alike coping with the aftermath of an unusually cold and snowy winter season, continued unemployment challenges, healthcare dynamics and other remaining uncertainties.  One joy of these changes is that it offers the opportunity for new beginnings, for continued evaluation of the past and renewed energies and enthusiasm for the future.

With over a century passed since our company was founded in 1882, we have faced many changing seasons and most often with great optimism for the future of our industry. Through it all, we have continued to manage the unique challenges each new year presents, while deepening our experience, strengthening our skills and improving our capabilities to grow our business.  This year we will continue to invest in our growth, expanding our staff to meet the needs of our customers and help solve the present and future challenges of our industry. We have highlighted some of this up-coming change in our attached white paper called "Building Code Changes Coming". We hope you enjoy and find this informational recap of value to your business.

As the year unfolds, you have our assurance that Fullerton's team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals and field personnel will continue to pursue the mission that has driven our company since it was founded: to be our clients' finest partner and strongest advocate while delivering the high quality construction products and services they deserve.  

I want to "thank you" for counting on Fullerton for so many years.  You have our promise that you can continue to rely on our team for years to come

Dave Walock    


What do Code Changes Mean for you?
A constant in the construction industry is that change is inevitable.  Every year, innovative products and new ideas not only directly affect many aspects of the building process itself, but also offer those of us working in the industry a compass for the future.
Looking ahead, this year and next, a major driver of change will be the impending adoption by Minnesota of the 2012 revisions of the 700-page International Building Code (IBC), particularly in the areas of building envelope design and construction and in the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems....................click here to read more of this article
Client:  MBS Mall Investor -98, LLC
Type:   New Construction
Project Summary:  We provided this package along with several other packages in this development.  FBS provided this complete furnish and install for MBS Mall Investor-98, LLC in January.  The building size was approximately 6,342 sq/ft and utilized the Brickwal - (Endicott Light Sandstone), Cultured Stone - (Profit Ledgestone - Southwest Blend) and EIFS - (various colors) Exterior Finishes.  FBS provided non-union assembly for the project and assembly took 9 days due to winter conditions. MBS Mall Investor-98 is a repeat business customer who has worked with FBS since 2006..........to view more of this project profile, please click here

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We are proud of our ability to provide complete building shell packages with custom exterior finishes. More importantly, we are proud to stand behind our products and services with some of the industry's best warranties.  Click Here