Mikal McKoy, '16, Shares His Story
in NCAA Video Profile

Psychology major Mikal McKoy, '16, a wide receiver on the Albion football team, is the subject of an October 30 in-depth video profile on, produced by Turner Sports. According to the piece, "When financial troubles forced Mikal McKoy to withdraw after his second semester from Albion College, he moved back home and went to work with an uncertain future. After the loss of a friend and soul-searching he made it back to become one of Albion's brightest Britons."

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Gift Will Transform Munger Place Into Reimagined Living-Learning Community

For a young Gary Noble, ’57, Albion College proved to be a special place at a special time in his life. All these years later, it’s still special and he wants to do his part to make sure it stays that way.

That’s why, recalling his past experience with an eye toward the future, Noble and his wife of 49 years, Peggy Noble, recently made a significant six-figure gift to the College for the purpose of refurbishing and enhancing Munger Place as part of a new student living-learning community.

“Albion College provides a place which really embraces the principles of freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought and expression,” Noble said. “It’s important to retain and strengthen liberal arts education, and Albion is an ideal place to do that.”

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Anagama Kiln Fires Imagination of
Ken Shenstone, '84

This fall, a fiery beast, 960 cubic feet in all, made up of more than 7,000 bricks and fed for the next 10 days by a nonstop supply of wood, heated to over 2,400 degrees, created the kind of ceramics you just can't find anywhere.

The process of creating the art is called anagama, Japanese for "cave kiln," and Ken Shenstone, ’84, Anne Beyer, ’10, and a close cadre of friends and helpers over the years have made it something special.

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Giving Tuesday Is December 1

We have a day to give thanks, and we have two days to get deals. Now let's have a day dedicated to giving back. Mark your calendar for December 1 and celebrate Giving Tuesday with our #BritsGive volunteers! Every gift, no matter the size or designation, makes a difference in the lives of our students.

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Modern American Prints Showcases Treasures in Albion Collection

When great art and good scholarship are introduced to a passionate group of learners, a form of alchemy can occur, yielding new original art, fascinating debates and a collection of essays worth sharing with the world.

Modern American Prints from the Albion College Collection is the latest in a series of books created from the History of Prints course developed by Art and Art History Department professors Bille Wickre and Anne McCauley. The pair, along with Jason Martin, '12, edited the book, which was released earlier this fall.

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Students Refer Students - So Can You

"Making a student referral was incredibly simple," says Kelsey Sandahl, '15 (right) who referred Taylor Rosenthal, '19 (left). "The referral form asked for basic information about the student and the person referring. It only takes a few minutes to complete."

"Referring Taylor to Albion was a simple decision. She is an exceptionally bright young woman and incredible athlete," says Kelsey. "I thought her lively personality would make an excellent addition to not only the Britons volleyball team, but the class of 2019."

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Alumni Profile

Brittney Stanton, '14

“Albion offered me the academic classes and the research opportunities I needed to apply to veterinarian school.”

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First-Year Students Enjoy Intersectional Pizza

Math/CS Prof. Mark Bollman: The Psychology and Mathematics Behind Rare Events

Olivia Savage, '17, Balances Internship With Women's Basketball Season

Travis Tekiele, '13, Talks About Running Detroit Half Marathon

Ron Coombs, '86, Named CFO of JM Family Enterprises

Derek Bosko, ’17, Swims Away With National, MIAA Awards

Paris Attacks Catalyze Peace Demonstration at The Rock

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