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E-newsletter | December 2013 
New archives building to house 1.6 linear miles of material
CHF's newly opened John C. Haas Archive of Science and Business is a state-of-the-art facility that will house 1.6 miles of materials on 3.5-story shelves. The new facility allows CHF to collect and preserve more material than ever before--and, in some cases, to save historically significant materials from being lost altogether. more
Conflicts in Chemistry launches nationally  

In the opening of The Graduate a young Dustin Hoffman gets "just one word" of advice about his future career: "plastics." Nearly a half-century later we are surrounded by plastics--for better or for worse. CHF has worked with teachers over the past year to develop Conflicts in Chemistry: The Case of Plastics, a role-playing game that lets high-school students explore the complex issues and diverse perspectives connected to plastics--and we're offering the free program on a national scale. more 

Philadelphia Inquirer features a recent CHF acquisition
This fall CHF took advantage of a rare opportunity to purchase some very early alchemy manuscripts, and the Inquirer took notice. Read the full article or peruse an online album with images from the collection.
Live Long and Phosphorus  

Are we running out of one of the most vital elements on Earth? Sam Kean, renowned author of The Disappearing Spoon, writes in Chemical Heritage magazine about the possibility of "peak phosphorus." more

How John Dalton's meteorological studies led to the discovery of atoms
Arnold Thackray, CHF's founding president, describes how a plainspoken schoolmaster named John Dalton published the seminal book on meteorology, the study of which later led to his discovery of the nature of atoms. This video is part of our YouTube series Profiles in Chemistry. more
Are you #SensingChange? Show us on Instagram!
All around us--on our commutes to work or school, in our local park, in our own backyards--the environment is changing in subtle, alarming, or beautiful ways. Using the Instagram app on your mobile phone, help us create a snapshot of what environmental change looks like in the Philadelphia region and beyond. more
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