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March 18, 2016
Keeping the Kids Safe in or near the Water on Spring Break 
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Dear Family Travelers:

Ready to hit the pool?

Your kids certainly are, if you are heading somewhere sunny on Spring Break or on a cruise.
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Just be smart about it. Don't expect to always find lifeguards at resort pools, beaches or aboard cruise ships, even if there are 1,200 kids on board. Laws vary from state to state and country to country.

It is up to you to keep your kids safe in the water. Kids between ages one and four are most at risk. The American Red Cross says you should never leave a young child unattended near water nor should you trust a child's life to another child. Teach the kids that they must ask permission to go near the water. Teach them to swim!

Here are more water safety tips to keep everyone safe this Spring Break:
  • Forget reading by the pool, checking your email or sipping a frothy alcoholic drink. You have to be especially vigilant around the water with kids.
  • Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization devoted to reducing childhood injury, suggests you designate a "water watcher" for timed intervals to watch the kids so that one person always has their eyes on them and the others can relax.
  • Stay within arm's length of young children at a pool or beach. They can get into trouble in seconds and can be missed in a crowded pool if they go under.
  • Use Coast-guard approved life jackets when boating or rafting, tubing or at water parks. Young children should wear life jackets whenever in and around the pool. Air-filled "floaties" won't cut it.
  • Older kids should always swim with a buddy, even when there are lifeguards. Adults too, the American Red Cross says.
  • Watch for dangerous waves and signs of rip currents if you're at the beach. (Teach the kids to swim parallel to shore should they get caught and, once free, swim back diagonally.)
  • Sign up for a CPR class so that you can help in an emergency.
Travel safely and enjoy your family's spring break.


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