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May 1, 2015
Planning your souvenir strategy

Dear Family Travelers:


It doesn't matter whether they are five or fifteen. They all want to know:


How many souvenirs can I get?


How much can I spend?


When can we shop? (Possibly the most asked question from older kids).


That's why it's important to have a souvenir strategy before the family trip even starts.


The last two years, I've interviewed scores of kids around the country for my Kids' City Guide series that offers a kid's perspective on travel. You might be surprised at what some of them have to say about souvenir picks.


Photographs "are the best souvenir, better than toys," said Natalia, 10, who lives in Chicago.


And then, suggests Gabe, from San Diego: "Get a picture frame as a souvenir and you can put a picture from your trip in it! "


Souvenirs, of course, are best when they help us remember an experience.  A children's book set in the region you area visiting, for example.


It doesn't have to be expensive either.  "A seashell form the beach," said Chloe, 9, visiting California from  Arizona.


"Cool post cards from around the city," said Marcus, from Los Angeles.

Starting a collection-is a great way to direct the kids' shopping-and keep the costs down.  


"I get magnets as souvenirs wherever I go and put them on the magnetic wall in my room." -- Cori, 10, Wellsley, MA.

"I like to get key chains. I have a key chain collection and I keep them on a big ring in my room." -- Emma, 10, Newton, MA.


And if not a collection, the kids suggested, something unique to the area you are visit like a mini Cable Car in San Francisco said Laylani, 12, who lives there.


Now shopping should be easier-let's hope!  



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