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December 5, 2014
Shopping for the Travelers in your life




Dear Family Travelers:




So what if we're in the midst of the most frenzied shopping-cooking-baking season of the year.


We can at least make some of that shopping easier-for the travelers on your list.  Here are seven ideas guaranteed to please:


-         FOR THOSE WHO ALWAYS COMPLAIN THEY'RE COLD - A puffy jacket like the ones from Mountain Hardwear or REI that are lightweight, warm, cozy and  compress into a pocket - perfect for a pillow in the car or on a plane.  They're also weather resistant so they stay warm even when wet.  REI's vests come in a variety of colors and start at just $79.50; the jackets at $99.50.


-         A WATER BOTTLE, like the Camelbak Chutes that promise to be leak proof and come with a lifetime guarantee. Just $14.  Suggest your favorite travelers paste stickers on their bottles wherever they go-instant souvenirs!  The intrepid adventurers on your list would love Camelbak's All-Clear that purifies water in just 60 seconds - thanks to short wave UV light that treats the water.  It's $99 and also comes with a lifetime warranty. 


-         FOR THE BACK SEAT TRAVELERS  -- A headlamp, like LED Trailblazer from LL Bean that's water resistant, lightweight and is guaranteed to last for 150 hours. The kids will love the red light for night vision!  Cost: $29.95. 


-         EVERYONE WILL LOVE  -- A battery booster like the Powercell 3015 from Ventev that's small enough to slip in a purse or a pocket and  is  just $34.99;  Also check out the variety from Jackery.


-         A BOOK - about where your favorite travelers are going next. For kids, consider my new pocket-sized Kid's City Guide series with fun facts and input from local kids.  Just out are the Kid's Guide to San Diego, San Francisco, Denver and Ski Country.  The foodies on your list will love the world's best street foodfrom Lonely Planet, complete with recipes. 


-         FOR THOSE WITH BATTERED WHEELS -a new easy-to-spot suitcase like the water-resistant wheeled duffels from L.L. Bean that are under $100 - even with a monogram.  For those who must have only the best, a TORQ hard side carryon from Briggs & Riley with spinner wheels that's lightweight and comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.  I love the red one!  Starting at  $479.


-         FOR THE TRAVELERS WHO CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING IN THEIR BAGS - They'll thank you every time they travel if you give them The Specter Compression Cube Set from Eagle Creek that not only keeps your clothes organized, but compresses them so that you can maximize space.  $38

The best gift of all-a trip!   If that's not in your budget, maybe a contribution toward their next adventure. 



And from our partners at Family Travel Forum


 Find out what local and visiting kids have to say about nine great American travel destinations through our Kids' Guides Series from Globe Pequot Press. San Francisco and Denver just joined New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Diego.


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