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April 21, 2014
The secret to a successful family vacation: ask the kids!
Last minute spring break?  Ideas here!
Dear family travelers:

Anyone who has ever traveled with kids knows that it doesn't matter how much you spend.  What matters is that the kids are happy. 


That's why savvy traveling parents increasingly are enlisting their kids' help in planning vacations-66 per cent, according to new research from the 2014 Portrait of American Travelers.  Kids are helping parents decide where to go, what to do and even where to stay.  (Forget that hotel that doesn't have a big pool!)  


I've talked to hundreds of kids in the past two years for my KIDS CITY GUIDE series from Globe Pequot Press-The Kids Guide to Boston has just been released.  Here's how they say you can up the fun quotient on vacation:


WHEN YOU ARE SOMEPLACE NEW:  "See as much as you can because you don't know when you will be back!" Dylan, 11, Columbus, OH.


WHAT TO BRING:  "I always have my phone and my wallet in my pocket when I'm sightseeing." -- Jane, 14, Portland, ME.


BE PREPARED:  "Have Band Aids in your backpack."  Rebecca, 11, Orlando, FL.


PLAN FOR DOWN TIME:  "You are never too old to make sand castles!"  Gabrielle, 13, Tucson, AZ.


HAVE A SOUVENIR STRATEGY:  "The best souvenirs are pictures-better than toys!" Natalia, 10, Chicago.


SKIP THE FAST FOOD:   "It's very fun to try food from different cultures."  Michael, 9, Chicago.


AT THEME PARKS:  "Be brave and try everything because you don't know what you'll like!" Emily, 14, Arizona.


ON A HIKE:   "Bring a magnifying glass!"  Evan, 10, Denver, CO.  


IN A CITY:  "Just look around at all the buildings!"  Ian, 11, Chicago.


 That all goes for the grownups too!



And from our partners at Family Travel Forum


 Our Kids' Guides Series from Globe Pequot Press continues to grow. Now available: New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and   Boston, San Diego, San Francisco and Denver are coming soon!


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