June 2013  
NPD Awards: Nominate Your Nonprofit Hero
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You know the behind-the-scenes heroes of your nonprofit, but does everyone else? Celebrate and show off your star volunteers, donors, and fundraisers with a National Philanthropy Day (NPD) awards nomination.


"In the nonprofit arena we all have volunteers and donors who help make our organizations successful. National Philanthropy Day awards are a great way to honor those individuals who make our jobs easier," said Tom A. Taylor, II, executive director of Emergency Infant Services and NPD awards chair.


Nominations, due June 28, can be submitted in four different categories: Outstanding Philanthropist, Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser, Outstanding Fundraising Executive, and Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy. For the first time, previous award winners can be nominated as long as they were recipients in or before 2007.


With the expanded nomination criteria, the NPD judging panel hopes for a competitive pool of awards candidates. According to Taylor, everyone should have at least one person at their organization who deserves to be recognized with a nomination.


When you're ready to submit a nomination, Taylor suggests focusing on trying to capture the spirit of the nominee, not just his or her list of accomplishments.


"Passion wins out," Taylor said. "The selection committee wants to hear the story of what the nominee has done to benefit their organization. Resume bullets are great in the right place, but this isn't one of them. Think of it like you're writing a grant."


Nominations are due by Friday, June 28, 2013. For more information about nomination categories, a list of previous winners, and to submit a nomination, please visit the 2013 NPD awards nomination form.

June Luncheon
Meaningful Activism: Building Relationships with Elected Officials

Chris Benge

Presented by Chris Benge and Nick Doctor

June 6, 2013

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Tulsa Garden Center


Step out of the email and phone campaign rut and learn how to grab the attention of elected officials with this informative session from Tulsa Chamber's Chris Benge and Nick Doctor.


Chris Benge, Tulsa Regional Chamber's senior vice president of government affairs, leads the Chamber's regional advocacy efforts at the state and federal level, through the OneVoice process, and also works with city officials on policy issues.

Nick Doctor


Nick Doctor, Tulsa Regional Chamber's director of government affairs, plays a lead role in the Chamber's advocacy for the region's political voice at the local, state, and federal levels. His experience includes lobbying and advocacy, crafting policy positions, and organizing more than 3,100 Chamber members and 61 regional partners at the grassroots level. 
Government Fundraising
Guide to Useful Websites and Resources


Image courtesy of [image creator name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For those who are new to federal and state grants, the jungle of information can be daunting. Combine the following breadcrumbs--in the form of online resources and books--with the upcoming AFP luncheon presentation Meaningful Activism: Building Relationships with Elected Officials, and you'll be set on a well-marked path to government fundraising.


Find State Grants

OK Grants

Comprehensive source of Oklahoma requests for proposals.


Oklahoma Department of Commerce: Grants and Funding

Provides a list of state grant and funding programs.


National Park Service: State, Tribal, and Local Grants

The National Park Service's State, Tribal, and Local Grants division oversees grant programs focused on supporting historic preservation.


Find Federal Grants


The premier, one-stop shop for searching all available federal grants.


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Comprehensive directory of all federal funding programs.


Department of Health and Human Services: Grants Forecast

Keep current on available and upcoming grants from the Dept. of Health and Human services.


Department of Education: Grants Forecast

Stay up-to-date on available and forthcoming education grants with this comprehensive list of funding programs.


Tips for Government Grants

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - Writing Grants

A quick overview of how to create a solid government grant proposal.


Find and Apply for Government Grants Using Grants.gov

Free webinar from the Foundation Center.


Department of Justice: Common Problems Found in Applications

A list of common pitfalls to avoid in any government grant proposal.



*Writing and Winning Grants and Government Contracts

By Mike Floyd


*The essential nonprofit fundraising handbook: Getting the money you need from government agencies, businesses, foundations, and individuals

By Michael A. Sand


The Official Federal Grants Prep Guide: 10 Tips to Position Your Organization for Success

By Kimberly Richardson


*Free to check out from the Nonprofit Resource Center at Tulsa City-County Library


For more information about specific grant-making agencies, Grants.gov, GrantSpace.org, and MSU Libraries provide in-depth lists of resources.

AFP Membership Social


You could win this beautiful painting by Ester Sartain at the upcoming Membership Social!

Food! Prizes! Beer! Wine! 

Join your local chapter for an exclusive evening of merriment for AFP members and prospective members.


Raffle drawings will be held throughout the event for gift cards, bottles of wine, and other surprises.


Bring a guest and receive two raffle tickets.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

5:30 PM



Cascia Hall Preparatory School

2520 S. Yorktown Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74114


Questions? Please contact Chapter Administrator, Margaret Wish, by email or phone (918-978-9718).


Mentoring Moment

What It Means to New Members

"The majority of my fundraising career has been spent in Southern California. Tulsa has an amazing culture of philanthropy and I am excited to learn more about how to approach donors and campaigns from a mentor who has been successful here."  


- Alex Paschal, Director of Development for Junior League of Tulsa

Every month the AFP chapter will feature a real-life experience of an AFP member that speaks to the value and authenticity of mentorship. If you're interested in participating in the mentorship program as a mentor or a mentee, please contact Kate Davis.

Build Your Bookshelf
10 Critical Factors in Fundraising


10 Critical Factors in Fundraising  by J. Terry Johnson

This month our luncheon topic is "Meaningful Activism: Building Relationships with Elected Officials,"and J. Terry Johnson talks about just that in his book 10 Critical Factors in Fundraising


This "little green book for Chief Executive Officers" discusses 10 exceptionally important elements of nonprofit fundraising, including "the art of making friends" in chapter four. Here, Johnson explains seeing donors as friends, and the uncountable number of hours he once spent cultivating friendships with those in the business community while working in Oklahoma City. As fundraisers often chasing the relationship we can create with a donor, we often overlook the important partnerships we need with others in the community, including business people and elected officials.


10 Critical Factors in Fundraising is a straightforward guide to the foundations of fundraising. It covers topics from special events to capital campaigns and working with consultants, which makes it a great addition to any fundraiser's bookshelf! 


-Review by Taylor Davis


Every month "Build Your Bookshelf" will feature books that have been acclaimed as staples for every fundraiser's bookshelf. If there is a book you have found particularly helpful in your career, please contact Taylor Davis!

A Note From Chapter President, Amy Miller


Hello all,


As the summer is upon us and we say goodbye to our monthly luncheons until September, I encourage everyone to continue your professional development. One way I keep up with trends and new research is by subscribing to blogs and e-newsletters from fundraising experts. Here's a sample of some recent ideas I've found on communicating with donors through various media.



The most effective way to improve email message relevancy was to automatically send an email or a series of emails in response to a certain action. One example mentioned here is a "new donor welcome series." 


A possible series might include: an automatically generated acknowledgement of the gift as soon as it is processed (if not before); a scheduled prompt to the executive director to send a personal email if the gift is over a certain amount; within 1 month, send the most recent donor e-newsletter; and don't forget to prompt yourself to send a personalized follow up 3 to 6 months after the gift with how your organization has made an impact since that gift. Most of this can be automated to save time! And remember, this email series is in addition to the printed and handwritten thank you letters, photos and other donor communications you normally provide. 



Another reminder to us all from professional marketers: don't let your graphic designer dictate the design of your fundraising appeals, marketing brochures or even your website on aesthetics alone. That is, if your intention is to make money. 


Direct Mail

Tell your organization's story with photos that capture the real tale of how you impact your clients. One photo can create the emotional response necessary to elicit the desire to give more than a thousand words (hence the saying). 


And on the topic of emotion, research shows that if organizations want to raise money for a charitable cause, it is far better to appeal to the heart than to the head. In other words, save the statistics and lead with the story.


In Person

When you are meeting with someone one-on-one, how do you know when you've captured his or her attention and emotion as you intended? Try Sam Horn's Eyebrow Test: 


"If we tell them something and their eyebrows knit or furrow; they didn't get what we said. 
If their eyebrows don't move at all; it means they're unmovedWhat we said didn't reach them. It had no impact at all, which means they're not motivated to give us their valuable time, mind (or dime). 

If their eyebrows go UP; it means we got through. They're engaged, curious. They want to know more ... which means what we just said got in their mental door."


I hope you find these tips useful and interesting. Feel free to share others on our Facebook page and keep in touch!


All the Best,


Amy Miller

AFP Eastern Oklahoma Chapter President

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