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Support Your AFP Chapter: Join a Committee

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The AFP Eastern Oklahoma Chapter

is powered by the volunteer work of members like you. To get the most out of your AFP membership consider joining a committee to increase your chapter involvement. By volunteering you will expand your network of colleagues, support a Ten Star AFP chapter, and develop professional skills-all in a fun, collaborative environment.


Please consider lending your expertise for one of these currently available positions. For more information about volunteering, please contact the Chapter Administrator.


Community Relations

Newsletter Co-Chair 

  • Assists newsletter team with content creation and collection, proofing, editing and formatting of the AFP monthly newsletter

Resource Development Chair 

  • Supports AFP chapter leadership in developing and implementing a new revenue plan for the chapter and its annual National Philanthropy Day conference and awards luncheon

Publicity Co-Chair 

  • Assists the publicity team as needed to generate monthly news coverage and awareness of chapter programs and initiatives in the Tulsa community


National Day of Philanthropy

The National Day of Philanthropy Committee is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Vendor Committee
  • Luncheon Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Training Committee



Governance Chair

  • Oversees the Legal Affairs, Policies and Procedures, and Nominating Chair subcommittees' operations


Legal Affairs Chair 

  • Reports to the Chapter President, Board of Directors, and membership on issues related to government relations
  • Develops initiatives that educate officials on the role and importance of the nonprofit sector
  • Works with the Newsletter Chair to develop articles on government relations 


Policies and Procedures Chair 

  • Provides ongoing counsel to enhance board effectiveness
  • Regularly reviews the board's practices regarding member participation, conflict of interest, etc., and suggests improvements as needed
  • Periodically reviews and updates the board's policy guidelines and practices


Nominating Chair 

  • Leads the board in regularly reviewing and updating the board's statement of its roles and areas of responsibility
  • Identifies potential board member candidates
  • Designs and oversees board orientation


Strategic Planning Chair 

  • Leads development and implementation of strategic plan
  • Reviews board and committee structures as needed
  • Reports regularly to the board on the status of the strategic planning process


Member Services

Hospitality Chair 

  • Works with fellow committee members and the chapter administrator to coordinate catering for monthly meetings
  • Communicates with caterer, plans luncheon menus for the year, and greets members and guests at monthly meetings

$53 Professional New Member Discount!

In honor of our 53rd Anniversary, AFP will be offering a $53 discount to new members joining in the Professional Member category by June 30, 2013.

The discount applies to $53 off the International portion of the dues. Fill our the membership invitation as usual, but deduct $53 from the total and include coupon with your payment. Click here to print.
Coupon must be included with payment.

To join online, go to and use promo code: JUNE13
One coupon per member. Expires June 30, 2013. Questions? Call the AFP Membership Department at 1 (800) 666-3863.

Mentoring Moment

Chris Miller, CFRE and President & COO of The Advancement Group

"Major donors that currently 

support, or would support, your organization expect accountability and feedback for their gifts. This process of relationship stewardship leads to their next gift and results in a deeper relationship with you, your organization, and your mission. Once their heart is aligned with these things, their giving will follow their hearts. Always remember 'heart leads head'".


- Chris Miller, 
CFRE and 
President & COO of 

Every month the AFP chapter will feature a real-life experience of an AFP member that speaks to the value and authenticity of mentorship. If you're interested in participating in the mentorship program as a mentor or a mentee, please contact Kate Davis.

It Makes Cent$ to Give to the AFP Foundation
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"When I pay my AFP dues, I am investing in my personal development. When I make my annual gift to the foundation I am making an investment in the development of the profession today and in the future."

-Susan Hosbach, CFRE

Each year members are asked to give to the AFP Foundation through the Every Member Campaign (EMC). After paying dues we often wonder why we are asked to "give" again? The answer is that your gift delivers value to and supports your own chapter by providing services, programs and resources for YOU! These include webinars, program models and tool kits, scholarships, grant opportunities and research. The Chamberlain Scholarship, which pays the AFP International Conference registration fee for one member from each chapter, is just one example of the benefits provided by the AFP Foundation.

As past president I am serving as the Foundation Development Chair for our chapter and will be conducting a local campaign. During the campaign I will be sharing additional information about the Foundation and how it benefits each of us and how to make your donation.

To kick off this process the Foundation conducts a calling program. This year that will begin in late May and you will receive an email notification to expect a call on behalf of EMC. This is an opportunity for you to gain more information, ask questions and learn about the important role the Foundation plays in our organization.

I want to thank each of you for your consideration of a gift. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have about the campaign or the AFP Foundation.

- Pam Dose, Immediate Past President
Build Your Bookshelf:
Donor Centered Fundraising 
by Penelope Burk


I can't recall exactly when I first picked 

Donor Centered Fundraising 
by Penelope Burk

up this book during graduate school, but it's remained front-and-center on my bookshelf ever since, and I refer to it often as a practicing development professional. Burk outlines the foundations of fundraising exceptionally well, reminding us that "donors are people" and "how focusing on donors' gifts and not on donors themselves hurts fundraising." What a simple, yet often forgotten concept! Whatever your experience with nonprofit development, Donor Centered Fundraising is sure to provide a refresher on how to keep your donors at the forefront of your fundraising strategy. 


-Review by Taylor Davis


Every month "Build Your Bookshelf" will feature books that have been acclaimed as staples for every fundraiser's bookshelf. Whether they are known to appear in nonprofit management graduate curriculum or have word-of-mouth buzz, these books will hopefully be great resources for everyone, despite experience level. If there is a book you have found particularly helpful in your career, please contact Taylor Davis!

Advancing Philanthropy: 
Spring 2013 Digital Issue Available Now


Cover Story: Workplace bullying is not a problem only in the for-profit sector. It occurs in nonprofits as well, and has a very real and measurable impact on an organization's long-term health. 

Also in this issue:

  • The University of Cincinnati (UC) Foundation in Ohio offers its blueprints-including hits and misses for launching a social fundraising strategy.
  • Read how developing the right work environment and engaging leadership can help prevent premature turnover among development staff.
  • Informational interviews can help focus your career path, identify experiences you should obtain, help chart your next steps, build valuable relationships and, if used effectively, be one of your best career-planning tools.
  • Learn how fostering a collaborative working environment among the development office, executive director and board members can positively affect your organization.
  • Enjoy the special supplement, Twenty Years of the ACFRE, and learn more about the process and your peers who have received the credential.
A Note From Chapter President, Amy Miller

In April, I had the opportunity to attend the annual AFP International Conference on Fundraising in San Diego. I enjoyed three days of learning, networking and being inspired. Several nationally renowned speakers (Simone Joyaux, Tom Ahern, Sandy Rees, Gail Perry) presented on diverse topics (donor relations, data management, social media, management), and it was difficult to identify just one session to attend during each hour. My personal favorite, though, came on the first day of the conference.


Marcus Buckingham opened the symposium with a presentation called "Stand Out: Find Your Edge to Win at Work." Author of First, Break All the Rules, Buckingham brought attention to the fact that rules can stifle the originality and uniqueness that enable employees to perform at the highest level. Following this breakthrough, he helped create  StrengthsFinder, which helps individuals identify their talents and more positively describe aspects of their personalities in order to enhance personal achievement. Subsequent work reinforced this message and created tools to help managers and organizations realize the full potential of their staff. Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg recently cited Buckingham's Now Discover Your Strengths as the best business book she has read in recent years. She says that the book has been instrumental in determining how Facebook develops its talent - by focusing on strengths not weaknesses.


Buckingham's newest effort StandOut assesses an individual's Strength Role, or the way in which that person relates to and leads others. For example, while my number one Strength is Futuristic, which means I am fascinated by the future and love to visualize the possibilities of what could be, my Strength Role is Connector, which means I like to connect people and ideas to create new possibilities. See the difference there? My Strength is an internal talent and my Role is the way I communicate with others. I'd love to hear what your strengths are. Share them with me at


Why all this talk of leadership in an article for the Association of Fundraising Professionals? Well, if you have read Underdeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising, you know that one of the most significant problems facing nonprofit organizations today is the "revolving door" in the development office. While there are myriad reasons for this, chief among them is misguided leadership from executive directors who are unable or unwilling to ask for major gifts along with a reluctance to allow the development officer the power to establish a culture of philanthropy and teamwork.


I look to advice from business leaders. Make sure you have the right people on the bus and then put them in the right seats. I encourage managers to lead their teams in the StrengthSmart program and work from there on how best to achieve the goals of the organization. And remember to ask this question: Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?


To the Future!


- Amy Miller, AFP Eastern Oklahoma Chapter President

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2013 Board of Directors
Amy Miller

Tish Stuart

Immediate Past President
Pam Dose

Jane Dunbar

Laura Chalus

VP of Education
Steffanie Bonner

Monthly Programs Chair
Toni McGee
Web Conference Chair
Pat Atkinson

VP of Advancing Philanthropy
Susan Garcia

CFRE Chair
Monica Champ

Professional Partners Chair
Kate Davis

Youth In Philanthropy Chair
Christina Ward

VP of Community Relations
Allison Walden

Newsletter Chair
Taylor Davis

Social Media Chair
Brandi Moore

Publicity Chair
Carrie Salce

VP of Membership Services
Kerry Hornibrook

Recruiting and Orientation Chair
Amanda LeCrone

Member Retention Chair
Lindsay Hughes

Volunteer Coordinator
Ashlee Noland

NPD/Conference Chair
Heather Duncan

Awards/Scholarships Chair
Tom Taylor

Chapter Administration
Margaret Wish
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