March 30, 2015 | Derivatives clearinghouses and the market's response to new trading platforms set up under Dodd-Frank will be the focus of Thursday's CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee meeting. The panel will examine clearinghouses and their ability to handle potential defaults of their members and the so-called "never give-up" practice some traders say lets Wall Street banks keep trading platforms from having more electronic and anonymous trading.
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Thursday | 11am - Noon | DERIVATIVES COUNCIL TELECON / WEBCAST. Some agenda items: leverage comments to FSOC; pros & cons of clearing NDFs in connection with N-F mandates; derivatives reform in Europe; and a presentation by DTCC's government relations office in Brussels to include MiFID II status, SEFs, NDFs, CCPs, harmonization in U.S. & European regulatory reform, and a member Q&A. For call-in numbers and details:
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Monday | Shadow banking tops the agenda as the CenFIS conference begins in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Central banks in the world's biggest currency markets will publish principles of behavior and ethics for FX trading.
Tuesday | PCAOB holds meeting on auditing standards.
April Fools' Day | CFPB's chief data officer discusses agency's data use.
Thursday | The CFTC will meet on risk management for derivatives clearing organizations and the response to swap-execution facilities. Fed Chair Yellen to address conference on economic mobility.
Good Friday | The Friday before Easter is a holiday in many nations including the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. In the U.S., bond markets close at noon, equity markets are closed all day, and government offices are open. Major European stock and bond markets are closed.
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at the agencies
Monday, Mar. 30
BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM | Closed meeting for review and determination of the advance and discount rates to be charged by the Federal Reserve Banks, and bank supervisory matter. (11:30 am ET)
Monday, Mar. 30 - Wednesday, Apr. 1
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ATLANTA | Center for Financial Innovation and Stability (CenFIS) "20th Annual Financial Markets Conference: Central Banking in the Shadows: Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Postcrisis" in Stone Mountain, GeorgiaOn Monday, Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, who heads the Fed's financial stability committee, will give keynote dinner speech on "Nonbank Financial Intermediation, Financial Stability, and the Road Forward."
Thursday, Apr. 2
COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION| Market Risk Advisory Committee (MRAC) open meeting and teleconference to discuss issues related to current risk management techniques employed by derivatives clearing organizations (DCOs) to ensure that the appropriate measure are in place to address the potential default of a significant clearing member, and the evolving structure of the derivatives markets, particularly with respect to swap execution facilities (SEFs). (10am ET)
FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION | Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Community Banking to discuss current issues affecting community bankers. (9am ET)
MUNICIPAL SECURITIES RULEMAKING BOARD | Webinar to review amended MSRB Rule G-3, which will create baseline standards of professional qualification for municipal advisors. The amendments to the MSRB's existing Rule G-3 on professional qualifications take effect on April 27, 2015. (3pm ET)
SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION | Closed meeting to consider institution and settlement of injunctive actions, institution and settlement of administrative proceedings, resolution of litigation claims, and other matters relating to enforcement proceedings. (2pm ET)
on the hill
across the globe
Tuesday, Mar. 31
LONDON | International Capital Markets Association's "ICMA Market Lecture Series 2015" featuring speaker Sir Nigel Wicks, chairman of the British Bankers Association.
other events
Saturday, Mar. 28 - Tuesday, Mar. 31
PHOENIX | NAIC Spring 2015 National Meeting | Topics include accounting practices and procedures, anti-fraud, capital adequacy and international insurance relations.
Tuesday, Mar. 31
WASHINGTON DC & VIA WEBCAST | Public Company Accounting Oversight Board open meeting to consider adoption of the reorganization of PCAOB auditing standards. 
NEW YORK CITY & VIA WEBCAST  | Practicing Law Institute's seminar "Pension Plan Investments 2015: Current Perspectives."
Tuesday, Mar. 31 - Thursday, Apr. 2
WASHINGTON DC | Dataversity holds the 19th annual Enterprise Data World Conference. On Wednesday, Linda Powell, the CFPB's chief data officer, delivers remarks on "How the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is Using Data."
Thursday, Apr. 2
WASHINGTON DC | The DC chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) sixth annual Cybersecurity Technology Summit featuring more than 600 thought-leaders from federal agencies, including DHS and DOD, the intelligence community, and the private sector.
Thursday, Apr. 2 - Friday, Apr. 2
WASHINGTON DC | The Federal Reserve holds its ninth biennial Community Development Research Conference, focusing on economic mobility. Chair Janet Yellen will deliver welcoming remarks. Governor Lael Brainard also scheduled to speak.
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