Feb 16 2015 | IOSCO to publish TBTF investment fund draft plans on Friday. The International Organization of Securities Commissions, which brings together financial market overseers to develop common standards, is working with the Financial Stability Board ("FSB"), a group of G20 central bankers and regulators to revise plans to regulate the world's biggest investment funds to focus more on activities of funds and not just their size.
Monday | President's Day holiday; government offices, financial markets closed.
Tuesday | Federal offices are closed due to inclement weather; events may be canceled or postponed at short notice. SEC scheduled to vote on "accredited investor" definition during public conference call.
Wednesday | FOMC issues minutes from Jan. 27-28 meeting. NY Fed governor gives a lecture on financial institutions, markets and stability in New York.
Thursday | SEC discussion on ways to improve proxy voting process, focusing on universal proxy ballots, retail participation in proxy processESMA meets in Paris to discuss MiFID II/MiFIR issues. Treasury undersecretary for international affairs scheduled to speak on global economy at Peterson Institute.
Friday | "SEC Speaks" annual conference/webcast. U.S. Chamber webcast on re-proposal of definition of fiduciary standards.
Please see below for details on these and other events this week.
at the agencies
Tuesday, Feb. 17
BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM | Closed meeting to consider their proposed semiannual monetary policy report to Congress.
Tuesday, Feb. 17 (public conference call)
SEC ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SMALL AND EMERGING COMPANIES | Vote planned on recommendations to the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the definition of "accredited investor," those deemed wealthy and sophisticated enough to have reduced need for the protection provided by SEC requirements. The advisory panel last year urged the agency to shift the definition from asset thresholds to financial experience and sophistication. 
Wednesday, Feb. 18
BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM | The Fed releases minutes of the Jan. 27-28 meeting of its policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee (""FOMC"). The minutes will provide details on the central bank's decision to boost its assessment of the economy while reiterating policy makers can be "patient" deciding when to raise interest rates.
Wednesday, Feb 18
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY | OCC Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee: Meeting to discuss steps the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency can take to ensure the continued health and viability of minority depository institutions.
Thursday, Feb. 19
CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU | Meeting of the Consumer Advisory Board to discuss trends and themes related to the consumer financial marketplace.
Thursday, Feb. 19
NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION | Meeting to consider NCUA's Rules and Regulations, Regulatory Flexibility Act Definition of Small Entity for Consideration of Regulatory Relief.
Thursday, Feb. 19 (LIVE WEBCAST)
SEC PROXY VOTING ROUNDTABLE | Topics include contested director elections, whether changes should be made to federal proxy rules, and strategies for more retail shareholder participation. One panel will focus on contested director elections and whether voting rules should be changed to facilitate use of universal ballots. Another will look at ways to boost retail shareholder participation in the proxy process.
on the hill
The House and the Senate are not in session.
across the globe
Thursday, Feb. 19
PARIS | ESMA holds an open hearing to discuss issues set out in the European Securities and Markets Association's December 2014 consultation paper on MiFID II/MiFIR.
other events
Wednesday, Feb. 18 (LIVE WEBCAST)
WASHINGTON DC | The Peterson Institute for International Economics and the McKinsey Global Institute holds a discussion on an assessment of the global state of debt and deleveraging in both the private and public sectors. Karen Dynan, the Treasury's assistant secretary for economic policy will speak.
Wednesday, Feb. 18
Federal Reserve Board Governor Jerome Powell gives a lecture on "Financial Institutions, Financial Markets and Financial Stability" before the New York University Stern School of Business, Center for Global Economy and Business Lecture,
Thursday, Feb. 19 (LIVE WEBCAST)
WASHINGTON DC | The Peterson Institute for International Economics holds a discussion on the global economy. Nathan Sheets, the Treasury's undersecretary for international affairs will speak.
Friday, Feb. 20 (LIVE WEBCAST)
WASHINGTON DC | U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness ("CCMC") and Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits Division hosts a forum on "Fiduciary Standards: A Look Forward" to discuss current obligations of financial  professionals under ERISA and SEC rules in anticipation of the re-proposal of the definition of fiduciary regulation.
Friday & Saturday, Feb. 20-21 (LIVE WEBCAST)
WASHINGTON DC | "The SEC Speaks in 2015": SEC Chair Mary Jo White; Norm Champ, director of the Securities and Exchange Commission's investment management division; Andrew J. Ceresney, director of the division of enforcement; and commissioners Luis Aguilar, Daniel Gallagher, Kara Stein, and Michael Piwowar speak at Practicing Law Institute conference. This annual event gives industry participants updates on current initiatives at the agency as well as its priorities for the coming year.