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Thursday, March 31, 2016
Volume 7 --- Issue 10
Entry Level Driver Training Comment Period Ending Soon
FMCSA recently released proposed modifications to their Entry Level Driver Training requirements proposing that all drivers seeking a CDL be required to take a comprehensive training course designed to improve safety and awareness. The training is required to include both "theory" (traditional classroom) and behind-the-wheel training. 

The behind-the-wheel training for a Class "A" driver would consist of at least 30 hours of driving, with at least 10 hours of that driving being on a closing driving range. Students trying to obtain a Class "B" CDL would be required to complete at least 15 hours of behind-the-wheel training, with at least 7 hours of that training being on a closed driving range.

Truck driving schools and other training providers would be required to meet a certain level of certification, based on curriculum, and would be listed on an FMCSA National Training Registry.

The comment period for this proposed rule is rapidly approaching, as April 6, 2016 is the last day to file comments. We are urging our members to submit comments to FMCSA on this issue before it's too late.

IMTA has talking points, a sample letter, and information available on how and where to file comments. We would also be willing to file the comments on your behalf, if you could get us your thoughts prior to April 6.

Please don't miss this opportunity to have your voice be heard. Contact us today at 515-244-5193 or email Don Egli at [email protected]. We would be glad to assist you in any way that we can.

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FMCSA Orders Recalled Volvo Trucks Placed Out of Service
FMCSA has determined that vehicles included in Volvo Trucks' recent safety recall that have not been repaired should not be operated and are to be immediately placed out of service.

Volvo Trucks announced the recall of certain 2016-2017 VNL, VNX and VNM trucks manufactured from May 11, 2015, through March 8, 2016. The recalled trucks may be missing a roll pin in the steering shaft that could cause the steering shaft to disconnect from the junction block. This could cause a sudden and complete loss of steering control.

The recall affects nearly 20,000 Class 8 trucks with 16,000 in the U.S. alone. FMCSA's announcement is not intended to provide a basis for further enforcement action, but the group seeks the immediate cessation of the unrepaired, unsafe trucks.

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Congressmen Look to Block Carrier Rating Proposal
A group of 33 congressmen wants to block the recently proposed changes to the way the Department of Transportation formally rates trucking companies.

The House members have written to the leadership of the Appropriations subcommittee charged with developing the DOT's budget for coming fiscal year, and they ask that the funding bill include language to prohibit FMCSA from finalizing the proposed Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) until the agency has completed the carrier safety data reforms mandated by the new highway bill, the FAST Act.

The letter notes that "the problems" with the scores have been highlighted by the Government Accountability Office, in "countless" hearings, and in previous language accompanying the DOT funding bill.

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SOURCE:  Fleet Owner
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Online Training Discount Offer Available

"Prohibiting the Coercion of CMV Drivers"
For a limited time only, purchase training credits for this specific online training program through the IMTA provided link and receive a 15% discount.
This course will walk you through the new rule that prohibits carriers, shippers, receivers or transportation intermediaries from coercing drivers operating commercial motor vehicles to operate in violation of the hours-of-service, CDL, drug and alcohol testing, and the hazardous materials regulations.

For more details on this limited time offer, please visit

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Truckers Weigh Doing Business in California Amid Tougher Regs
Commercial truckers running shipments in or through California are facing mounting economic pressures from the state's regulatory and litigation climate that has targeted their way of doing business, experts say, driving companies to rethink their operations or pull out from the market.

The trucking industry in recent years has been fighting a bruising battle against California's growing coterie of rules and regulations that experts say have become increasingly onerous, including unsuccessfully challenging them in California courts for conflicting with uniform national standards the trucking sector is already required to follow.

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SOURCE:  Edited from Law 360
ATRI Launches Survey to Reveal Extent of Truck Parking Shortage
ATRI recently launched what it called the first detailed survey of truck parking based on reporting from drivers, with the aim of gaining insight into one of the industry's most significant ongoing headaches.

ATRI is asking drivers to log for 14 work days where and how long they park, how long it takes to find parking, why they picked that spot and other questions for both meal and rest breaks and for mandatory, daily 10-hour stoppages.  

Interested drivers can go to ATRI's website to complete a pre-qualifying survey. The first 100 participants to return their completed diaries will receive $50 Visa gift cards.

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SOURCE:  Transport Topics
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IMTA Safety Professionals Conference April 20 & 21

Staying current on the safety trends of the industry is a continual, uphill challenge.  Because of this, the Iowa Council of Safety Management has created the Safety Professionals Conference as an opportunity for attendees to network and learn valuable information and ideas about how to stay current and improve safety in your company.  This two-day conference will provide the education and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among attendees.

For more information, including a schedule of events, please visit --- and while you're there you may also register online to attend!
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Motor Carriers Granted Flexibility in Med Card Recordkeeping  
FMCSA has indicated that motor carriers can fulfill driver medical certification recordkeeping requirements by including a printed screenshot from the State Driver's Licensing Agency (SDLA) website in the driver qualification file, rather than a copy of the a driver's motor vehicle record (MVR).

At issue is the cost associated with obtaining an official MVR to prove a driver's medical certification as currently required under 49 C.F.R. 391.51(b)(7). The clarification allows motor carriers to use a printed screenshot of the updated medical certification information from the official SDLA website in lieu of an MVR. 

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SOURCE:  ATA Regulations Committee
PHMSA Makes 'Hazmat Reverse Logistics' Final Rule Public
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration made public its final rule intended to clarify, streamline and allow flexible regulatory requirements for return of hazardous materials from retailers back to manufacturers, suppliers and distribution facilities.

The so-called hazmat reverse logistics rule applies primarily to all shippers and carriers of hazardous materials who are involved in reverse logistics movements. But it also is intended to address "the unique issues encountered by this distinct and limited segment of the supply chain."

The agency has not yet announced the rule's effective date.

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SOURCE:  Transport Topics
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