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Thursday, February 18, 2016
Volume 7 --- Issue 7
Lawmakers to Look at Legislation to Fix
Hours-of-Service Rule 'Glitch'
Lawmakers are looking at legislation that would provide a short-term authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration to attach technical language pertaining to an hours-of-service rule for truckers in a fiscal 2016 funding law.

FAA's authorization expires at the end of March, and transportation leaders are unlikely to have an FAA reauthorization bill ready for President Obama's desk by that deadline.

At issue is a so-called glitch in a fiscal 2016 funding law, known as an omnibus, that would require federal regulators to eliminate an hours-of-service rule, not just a 34-hour restart provision, if a federal study of the restart rule fails to show safety benefits.

ATA has advised its members to continue normal operations of the 34-hour restart until a fix is worked out.
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SOURCE:  Transport Topics
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DOT:  New Rules Postponed, Yet Expected Soon
The Department of Transportation pushed back the dates on several upcoming rulemakings.
The projected publication date for a rule to require speed limiters on heavy-duty trucks was pushed to March 15.  

A rulemaking to implement minimum standards for training entry-level truckers is projected to be published Feb. 18.
A Final Rule to implement a CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is now projected to be published mid-June. 
The DOT projected a Feb. 12 publication date for a pre-rule dealing with sleep apnea, but it has yet to appear in the Federal Register. 

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Anti-Coercion Rule Now in Effect
A new federal rule that implements large fines for carriers, shippers and brokers caught pressuring drivers to operate beyond federal safety regulations, such as when they're out of hours, is now in effect, as is a new system for truckers to file complaints for alleged coercion instances with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
The rule is intended to protect truckers from "threats of economic harm," the rule states, such as loss of business, pay, miles, loads and the like, if drivers don't comply with entities trying to push them to operate when they legally can't.
The rule sets hefty fines for entities caught coercing drivers - $16,000 a pop, a price the agency likely hopes is a coercion prevention measure in and of itself, beyond the federal rules actually prohibiting coercion.
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Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation Scholarships
Since 1986, the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation has awarded scholarships to Iowans pursuing education in any field of study at an Iowa-based college or university. 

To be eligible to receive one of the $1000 scholarships, a student must be a permanent resident of the state of Iowa.  Selections are based on the applicant's academic record and outside activities as they pertain to school and community citizenship.

For information please visit  

Application deadline is March 15, 2016!
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IRS Issues Guidance on Fuel Tax Credits
Congress recently extended several dozen tax provisions that expired at the end of 2014.  Among these are the 50-cent-a gallon fuel tax credit for the use of alternative fuels (natural gas and propane - including propane used in forklifts), which has been extended from the beginning of calendar 2015 through the end of calendar 2016.  The credit for biodiesel blenders was extended for the same period.  

Taxpayers eligible for these credits may now file claims for last year's use, to offset the federal fuel tax they paid.  Those making the claims should use Form 8849, the multi-purpose quarterly excise-tax refund form, and must be registered with IRS by filing Form 637.  (Those already registered do not need to refile a 637.)  IRS adds that taxpayers who filed anticipatory or protective claims for the credit during 2015 will have to refile their 8849s now to get a credit.  

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House Committee Clears Bill That Exempts Carriers from Complying with State Laws on Driver Pay, Breaks
A bill that would prevent states from requiring truckers and their employers to comply with state laws regulating hours of service, such as meal or rest break requirements, has been approved by the House's Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The bill would also, if enacted, throw cold water on state-level initiated driver pay reform.

The trucking-relevant clauses would: (1) Block states from requiring drivers to take meal and rest breaks, if such a law is on the books at the state level, (2) exempt carriers from penalties for not requiring drivers to take state-law-required breaks and (3) Allow carriers, as employers, to skirt any state laws requiring drivers be paid "separate or additional compensation" beyond mileage or other base pay.
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FMCSA to Coordinate with ELD Makers Next Week on Device Compliance Protocol
An online public listening session will be held next week to help electronic logging device makers determine if their products meet the device requirements spelled out in the DOT's freshly published ELD mandate.
The meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 25, from 1-3 p.m. EST, and the target audience is ELD suppliers, FMCSA says. The meeting is also open to the public.

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IMTA Leadership Class Filling Up FAST!
There are very few spots remaining to be filled for the 2016 IMTA Leadership Class.  If you are interested in nominating yourself or a coworker for this year's class, please do so now before it's too late!
Due to the success of this distinguished program, each year there is a waiting list of worthy applicants.  We ask that prior to applying for the program you confirm your availability for all sessions.  Space limitations unfortunately prevent us from accepting every applicant that applies. 
To view the Leadership Class information packet & to register, visit
Online, On-Demand Training Program Available at Your Fingertips
Did you know that IMTA members have exclusive access to hundreds of interactive & video on-demand training courses through a partnership with J.J. Keller & Associates?  

The curriculum & content is comprehensive, & the course library is consistently being updated & expanded to meet the needs of the companies utilizing the program.  Additionally, the entire system can be tailored to your company's needs, offering the ability to track offline activity & to group employees needing similar training. 

For more information on the online training program & to register your company, visit
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Kirkwood Community College Hosts Dan Baker Seminar on March 24
If you did not get an opportunity to attend the IMTA Dan Baker seminar last year, now is your chance to attend a similar seminar hosted by Kirkwood Community College in Marion, Iowa.

Dan's seminar will provide invaluable insight on how to engage, appreciate and retain the diverse workforce of men and women who move America.

March 24, 2016  |  8am - 3pm

Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services
Marion, Iowa

Interested individuals may apply online utilizing the following link.  If you have questions, please contact IMTA member Greg Stewart at (319) 398-7130 or [email protected].
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