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December 2015 Edition
Welcome to my December 2015 email newsletter. 

The mission of Jonathan Poisner Strategic Consulting is to make the world a better place by helping mission-driven organizations thrive.  I do that by assisting my clients with strategic planning, campaign planning, coalition building, fundraising, communications, and other organizational development challenges.

To keep people informed about my work, I set up this monthly (mostly) e-newsletter.  If you want to unsubscribe, just look for the link at the bottom.   My most recent edition can be read in my archive.

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What Works

Most editions of this newsletter contain a section I call "What Works." 

In this edition, I return to one of the most common questions I get asked in my consulting practice: how do I get get our board of directors to play a more active (and effective) role fundraising.

This topic is worthy of a book.  My nutshell version is included in one of my Tip Sheets.  

It covers 9 strategies:
  1. Board engagement (don't expect fundraising if you don't engage the board effectively in other ways)
  2. Clear expectations (not a surprise)
  3. Options (not one size fits all)
  4. Training (not just one-time)
  5. Board leadership (and cheerleading)
  6. Accountability (there must be consequences) 
  7. Transparency (it can't be a mystery)
  8. Prioritizing fundraising in board recruitment (not an afterthought)
  9. Planning for board fundraising and implementation of the plan for the long haul.
Each could be worthy of its own Tip Sheet and article.

Here's the short version that may be helpful to share with your boards and discuss what would work best for your organization. 

Recent Success Stories and New Clients

I continue to work with the Central Oregon Environmental Center to finalize a 2016 Development Plan.

I am continuing a six month consulting engagement with the Bus Federation to help with the creation and implementation of a strategic framework.  On November 10-11, I facilitated  a convening of seven Bus Federation affiliate Executive Directors.  On December 1st, I provided a fundraising training for Bus Federation affiliates and I facilitated a half-day board session on the organization's strategic framework. 

I recently launched a strategic planning process for Forward Montana and Forward Montana Foundation.  We're currently doing research.  In mid-January, I will be facilitating a planning retreat.

On November 12th,I led a webinar for The Databank on effective donor stewardship.  It was recorded.  Email me if you're interested in seeing it.

On November 15th, I facilitated a half-day planning retreat for the Oregon Bus Project.

On December 8th, I facilitated a half-day planning retreat for Oregon Partners for Tobacco Prevention.  

Check out my website for a complete list of all my clients.
Recent Blog Entries and Tip Sheets

Note: I am actively looking for Guest Blog submissions.  If you have some thoughts to share on any aspect of organizational development, shoot me an email and we can discuss length, timing, etc.

Donor Stewardship Basics and Beyond

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