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May 2013 
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Point of View

With Employee Owner
Javier Basulto 


"I've been with Gardeners' Guild for five years.  My work is at some of our HOA sites in San Francisco.  I've been able to learn on the job.  And, Gardeners' Guild gives you lots of opportunities to grow your career - all you have to do is ask.  My next goal - is to be a crew leader." 

Javier is a proud parent of three children, one of whom is in the military in North Carolina.  And, he has recently become a grandpa! 


Here's an example of a project we did - reducing the size of a lawn, adding drought resistant plantings and mulch. It adds color; texture and saves water!







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Of course you are!

Depending on where you live in the bay area, there are still incentives for investing in new water saving irrigation technology and for lawn conversion [to drought resistant plantings].   

These rebates really make it worthwhile to upgrade.

This month is our up to the minute overview of bay area water district discounts, incentives and rebates.  EBMUD has a variety of great incentives and most districts at the least are promoting lawn conversions.  
There is an application system with stringent rules, restrictions and details to follow.  If you would like the discount but prefer not to hassle the forms, just leave it to us. 

All the best, 

East Bay Water Agencies

Water rates to increase
an increase of 9.75% has been proposed for FY 2014.  If approved by the board on June 11th they will be effective July, 2013. EBMUD is also proposing a 9.5% increase for FY 2015.

About the Rebates

  • Convert high water use lawns to sustainable landscaping.
  • Convert sprinklers to drip irrigation.
  • Replace conventional sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotating or precision nozzles.
  • Replace traditional irrigation timers with self-adjusting models.
  • Install pressure regulators to improve system performance.
  • Install sub-meters to improve leak detection and irrigation management.
  • The program is available to qualifying single-family homes, multifamily properties, and commercial and institutional landscape systems. Rebates are not retroactive.
Who can benefit
They are available for both residential and commercial accounts
For more information includes restrictions and rules

Alameda County Water District
Currently offering a lawn conversion rebate up to $500 for residential and up to $3,000 for commercial properties through its Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program
For more information includes restrictions and rules

Contra Costa Water District

Pilot Water-efficient Landscape rebate program.  "Lose the lawn and grow a garden".

Irrigation Controller rebate - for commercial, multifamily and institutional customers only. 

Homeowners can earn rebates up to $500

Commercial and Municipal customers can earn up to $5,000

 For more information includes restrictions and rules 

San Francisco - SFPUC
The rebate program: Laundry to Landscape Graywater Program.
Offers $112 subsidy towards the cost of $117 laundry-to-landscape graywater kit.
Only 150 qualifying single family and two unit San Francisco resdiential properties are eligible to participate.

For more information includes restrictions and rules
Marin County

North Marin Water District
Rebate program for residential customers in Novato who reduce the amount of turf area and replace with California native, low water use plant landscapes. 

Offer limited to $400 for single family residences, $100 for townhouses or condominiums and $50 for apartments.
For more information includes restrictions and rules


Sonoma County
Santa Rosa Department of Utilities
"Green Exchange" Rebate Program
This allows eligible customers to receive rebates for turf removal and/or upgrading to water conserving irrigation hardware.
For more information includes restrictions and rules

City of Petaluma
Rebate program for purchase of Smart irrigation controller.
Up to $900
Commercial, industrial, institutional accounts as well as multifamily and residential are eligible.
For more information includes restrictions and rules

Valley of the Moon
Cash for Grass turf conversion Rebate program
For residential customers only
For more information includes restrictions and rules


Solano County
About the rebates:
For purchase of smart controllers
Agency will rebate 50% of the cost of the controller for both residential and commercial sites
Replacing lawns with water-wise plants

For more information includes restrictions and rules