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January 17, 2014

Amateur Owner Rule added to Code of Ethics


At the 2012 AHA Convention, Resolution 3-12 dealing with Amateur Owner Rule added to Code of Ethics, was presented to and passed by the AHA Delegates. This resolution was brought forward to deal with a growing concern of short term transfers taking place in Amateur Owner and Junior Owner classes. These short term transfers circumvent the true definition of "ownership" found in the USEF Rules.

Now that this resolution has been added to the AHA Code of Ethics under ETHICS 104, competitors may be subject to Ethical Practice Review filings under the following;
It is unethical to transfer or assist or facilitate in the transfer of a horse with the intent to circumvent the purpose of the rules regarding ownership of horses shown in the amateur and/or junior owner classes. It is unethical for any AHA member to not provide information relating to the transfer in question that is requested by the Probable Cause Panel or the Ethical Practice Review Board.

In determining whether the transfer was unethical, the EPRB may consider, among others, the following:
  • Horse ending up back in the previous owners name within a year of the original transfer.
  • Horse being transferred at less than fair market value (owner to provide proof of the sales amount).
  • The fact that prize money went to a person other than the owner or family member.
  • The fact that the owner or family member did not pay the expenses relating to the upkeep and showing of the horse.
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