February 2014
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The Montrose Settlements Restoration Program (MSRP) invites you to read the latest issue of our newsletter. We hope you enjoy the restoration stories we have selected below. We appreciate your continued interest in our restoration efforts!

Second Generation Bald Eagle Chick Hatches 
on the Channel Islands  

A second generation Bald Eagle chick hatched naturally during the 2013 season, 11 years after restoration began on the northern Channel Islands.   

The Secret Lives of Seabirds-A Year of
Discovery on Santa Barbara Island 

Biologists recapture one of the oldest known Scripps's Murrelet and record the earliest chick hatchling on Santa Barbara Island last year.  


Peregrine Falcon Territories Increasing on
the Channel Islands  

Peregrine Falcon territories increase two-fold on the Channel Islands in 2013 since biologists completed the first comprehensive survey in 2007.  


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About MSRP 
The Montrose Settlements  Restoration Program is administered by six federal and State of California trustee agencies responsible for restoring natural resources injured by past releases of DDTs and PCBs to the marine environment surrounding the Palos Verdes peninsula.
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