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2014 January Newsletter!
NEW Crosby G-2170 Grommet Shackle


  crosby G2170 grommet shackle

The Crosby Group has developed the new G-2170 Grommet Shackle Series for lifting applications requiring high capacity with limited or tight headroom such as those found in chemical plants, refineries, interstate highway construction and offshore derrick barge cranes.


  • Provides a bearing surface that is at least 5 times that of a round shackle
  • Increases the usable sling strength minimum by 60% and greatly improves life of the grommet sling.
  • Designed for use with single or double large diameter grommets.
  • All sizes are RFID equipped in bow and pin.
  • Utilizes new Crosby Easy-Loc(R) Bolt Securement System.


The Grommet Shackle is galvanized with capacities 75-300 metric tons which are proof tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit (WLL) and have an Ultimate Load of 5 times the WLL.  The G-2170 metric ton ratings are embossed on the side of the bow, RFID EQUIPPED on the bow and pin, Quenched and Tempered for maximum strength and made from cast alloy steel.   The bows and pins are Dimetcoted and the pins are then painted red.



Click here for more information about the Crosby G-2170 Grommet Shackle! 


Liftmax® Pad Eyes


BLP designs and fabricates flat, beveled, or plate mounted pad eyes. Liftmax® Pad Eyes are designed to fit G-209 or G-2130 Crosby shackles and are made to meet or exceed ASME BTH-1  design standards.  We also build pad eye testers which can be used inverted or sideways, testing up to 100 tons.

Click here for a Liftmax® Pad Eyes excerpt from our Liftmax® Catalog or here for ordering information.

JC Renfroe Plate Clamps


Pictured to the right is Clay Kelly, Operations Manager in Houston, TX, with a  JC Renfroe Clamp. These horizontal and vertical clamps are used to lift plate steel during rigging applications. Whether it's big, small or somewhere in between, if your operation depends on using the right type of lifting clamp for the job, you need a Renfroe clamp. 


Click here to view an excerpt from the Bishop Lifting General catalog covering plate clamps.



Proof Testing Services from BLP



Pictured right is a test of a large skid, spreader bars & slings at our Houston, TX office.  All proof tests generate Test Certificates upon completion that are available 24/7 on


Testing services available include:

  • Proof testing to 1500 metric tons
  • Portable test bed services
  • Onsite Pad Eye Testing
  • Spreader Bar & Lifting Beam testing
  • Material & Personnel Basket Testing
  • Winch & Hoist Testing
  • Static, dynamic, cycle & destructive testing
  • Straightpoint Load Cell Calibration
  • Water bag weight testing
  • DNV testing

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Crosy G-2170 Grommet Shackle


 Liftmax® Pad Eyes


JC Renfroe Plate Clamps


Proof Testing


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Need Rigging Training?


We are excited to announce a new added service for our customers!  Bishop Lifting Products now has an in-house training specialist for on-site crane and rigging training. 


Here's a brief look at some of the trainings offered:

  • Basic Rigging
  • Signal Person
  • Forklift Operator
  • RFID
  • Ton Mile
  • and many more!

Click here to download a copy of our Training Catalog. 


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IADC Health, Safety, Environment & Training Conference 

February 4-5, 2014


ITI Heavy Rigging & Transport Workshop 

Feb. 19-21, 2014




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