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2013 October Newsletter!
New Liftmax® Catalog available

We are excited to announce the distribution of our first ever Liftmax® Catalog! After months of preparation, Bishop Lifting Products has release a print version of the new 2013 Liftmax Lifting Devices Catalog.



Need a catalog? Click here and our sales team will either deliver a copy(s) to your office or we will mail you one!

Minimum Pin Diameter Chart for Twin-Path® Slings


Slingmax® recently published a minimum recommended hardware diameter for Twin-Path® Slings.  "Slings used with fittings shall be compatible with the fittings used.  The lifting capacity shall be related at the lower of the fitting or sling.  Fitting openings shall be of the proper shape and size to assure that the sling will seat properly."


This tool is useful when precise calculations are needed for drafting a complex rigging plan. Click here for chart of minimum Twin-Path hardware diameters.


LAGCOE  is Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition. This is one of the world's pioneer oil and gas expositions and have been fueling global energy solutions for almost 60 years, since 1955. One of the largest oil and gas industry expositions in the United States, LAGCOE is held biennially in the very heart of America's energy corridor: Lafayette, Louisiana.
Join us on October 22-24 at the Cajundome for access to state-of-the-art equipment, service, and technologies as well as technical presentations from worldwide leaders in the onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry
Come stop by booth BOS182 and meet our team from Lafayette!  


Want to attend?  Click here - here is still time to register!



 Subsea Tiger ROV Chain Blocks

The Tiger ROV compatible chain block is available in three different interface options all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems. Tested and finished in accordance with Annexes B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:


1. Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A dual port

2. Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3

3. D Handle, T-bar or Fishtail Direct Drive manual connection


Available as a 3.0 tonne, 10 tonne and the NEW 20 tonne single head six fall capacity chain block, chained up to project specific heights of lift (H.O.L) that can be pre-set to meet the exact starting point required within the rigging drawings. Click here for more product information on the entire line of Tiger Hoists available.


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Liftmax ® Catalog released


 D/d Chart on TPXC


Oklahoma City Oilfield Expo


Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Expo


BLP Training


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 2-3/4" Gator-Laid 9 Part Braided Slings


Pictured above is a 2-3/4" x 80 foot Gator Laid 9-part braided sling fabricated by BLP!  The sling has 8' eyes at each end and a rated capacity of 519 tons vertical! These slings were proof tested on Oct. 10 to 1,038 tons vertical.


 Click here to see the full album!

Need Rigging Training?


We are excited to announce a new added service for our customers!  Bishop Lifting Products now has an in-house training specialist for on-site crane and rigging training. 


Here's a brief look at some of the trainings offered:

  • Basic Rigging
  • Signal Person
  • Forklift Operator
  • RFID
  • Ton Mile
  • and many more!

Click here to download a copy of our Training Catalog. 


Upcoming Events

OK City Oilfield Expo

October 16-17, 2013 


AWRF Fall Meeting

October 20-23, 2013   



October 22-24, 2013 


OSHA Oil & Gas Conference

December 2-3, 2013 


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