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Crosby New 2014 Catalogs



Crosby® is pleased to announce the release of the printed 2014 Crosby General Catalog in English Imperial, English Metric and Spanish Imperial. Crosby 2014 Catalog
The "World Class" Crosby® General Catalog sets the standard for the industry, disseminating a wide variety of product, product drawings, product dimensions and product application information covering our extensive line. In addition, Crosby® has included their latest new product offerings. 


Some of these new products include the:

  • HR1000CT,
  • G209RP ROV Subsea Shackle,
  • G-2170 Grommet Shackle,
  • G-460/G-461 Bundle Clips,
  • and G-414SL Shackle Loc®.

The DVD and online version of the catalog is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2013.


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Teufelberger Presents Bishop Lifting with 15th Anniversary of Excellent Partnership Award



In 1998, BLP became the first USA dealer to focus on high performance Teufelberger offshore crane ropes.  Over the last 15 years,  BLP's relationship

with Teufelberger has forged into strong lasting partnership.  On July 15th, Roman Predl presented BLP with a 15 years of service & appreciation award.


Pictured above is Harold King, BLP VP of Operations (right) and Roman Predl, Teufelberger Sales Engineer (left)

Thern Introduces ATLAS II Worm Gear Power Winch

with 2-Ton Load Capacity for Industrial Applications


Industrial operators around the world choose Thern winches

for their applications for the capability, durability, and reliability they provide. The ATLAS II power winch is designed as a versatile option for industrial operators and OEMs.


Built compact and lightweight, it features an impressive 2-ton load capacity for Atlas II handling small- and medium-sized loads and a durable cast aluminum body. Machine cut gearing operates in an enclosed oil bath, reducing wear and extending operating life. The ATLAS II is well suited for lifting applications, with an internal load holding mechanical brake. And worksite portability is made easy with lifting handles built onto the frame facilitate easy attachment of lifting straps.


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Slingmax Twin-Path Slings Used to Lift and Place Final Spire on One World Trade Center Building


This month's issue of AC&T -American Cranes & Transport showed Twin-Path High Performance Synthetic Slings in action during a memorable lift of the spire to the top of the new World Trade Center in New York City. Along with the cover photo, Slingmax® Inc. and our Twin-Path Slings were mentioned in the article explaining the lift.


Click here to read the full article about this memorable lift.


In This Issue

Crosby 2014 Catalog


 15yr Award


Thern Winches


Twin-Paths in Action


Slingmax Equilizer Block for TwinPath Slings


BLP Training


Upcoming Events

AWRF Talks Equilizer Blocks for Twin-Path slings with Slingmax


Tom De Soo with Slingmax spoke to AWRF members and attendees at the AWRF Product and Information Exhibition (PIE) about the brand new Equalizer Block from SlingMax®. The Equalizer block comes in 25, 50, 75 ton and 125 metric ton capacities. It is the only product of its kind designed specifically for Twin-Path® High Performance Synthetic Fiber slings.



Click here to see the full demonstration video.


Need Crane & Rigging Training?


We are excited to announce a new added service for our customers!  Bishop Lifting Products now has an in-house training specialist for on-site crane and rigging training. 


Here's a brief look at some of the trainings offered:

  • Basic Rigging
  • Signal Person
  • Forklift Operator
  • RFID
  • Ton Mile
  • and many more!

Click here to download a copy of our Training Catalog. 


Upcoming Events


Slingmax Conference 

September 25-28, 2013



AWRF Fall Meeting

October 20-23, 2013



October 22-24, 2013 


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