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Offshore Technology Conference - May 6-9



Offshore Technology Conference is right around the corner and we would like to invite you to visit our new booth! We have changed locations this year and will be in booth 1201. Click here to see a map of our new location! 


Join us at Reliant Park in Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference. Click here to register for OTC 2013.


For attendees, the OTC 2013 app provides easy-to-use interactive capabilities to enhance your event experience:

  • The Dashboard keeps you organized with up-to-the-minute exhibitor, speaker, and event information.
  • About Offshore Technology Conference 2013 keeps all event information in one place.
  • and more!  Download the app here.
Cut Protection Pads for Synthetic Slings

Cornermax Sleeves  

Washington River Protection Solutions in Richland, Washington prepared a report for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) entitled  "Synthetic Sling Failure - Evaluations and Recommendations".  In this document, 12 accidents caused by the cutting of synthetic slings are investigated. The report also provides recommendations to prevent similar recurrances.


Slingmax® offers two cut protection products, CornerMax® Pads and CornerMax® Sleeves. Both were recognized in the document as the only sufficient cut protection pads on the market today. The following quotes are excerpts from the original document.


"Too many accidents have occurred because "abrasion resistant" protection devices were used in cases which required "cut resistant" protection devices."  


"There are four major manufacturers of sling protective devices. Of these, only one company offers protection specifically designed to prevent the sling from being cut, along with testing information and a maximum rated load for which the sling protection would work."


For a full report, click here.

Liftmax® Spreader Bars
The most common lifting device Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. fabricates is the Liftmax® Spreader Bar. Spreader bars are normally made out of pipe and have top and bottom lifting points on opposing ends. They are suspended by a crane from two slings and normally have two to four bottom slings attached for rigging to the load. Custom lifting devices like spreader bars are always in compression and are designed with varying pipe diameters and thicknesses to obtain the proper design factor to meet the maximum rated capacity. Spreader bars are the best choice for loads where the lift points are far apart and load control is important. 
BLP Ultra Spreader Bar 
Above are the three most common styles of Liftmax® spreader bars, but custom designed spreader bars to fit the specific need required for your lift. Click here for more information.

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Offshore Technology Conference - May 6 - 9


Cut Protection for Synthetic Slings


Liftmax® Spreader Bars 


BLP Specials  


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Slings in Action



Bishop Lifting slings used to erect granite monument in Las Vegas! Monument is 20' tall (3' wide at bottom 6' wide at top), weighing in at about 50,000 lbs.
The piece in the straps is 11,800 lbs!

BLP Specials




  • Made in the USA.
  • Load tested to 125% of rated capacity.
  • Handle bends to alert operator of overload.
  • Interlocking pawl mechanism - no brakes to slip.
  • Quick release allows cable to be pulled out freely when rigging.
  • Maintenance free bearings are lubed for life.
  • Reversible handle allows pulling in optimum position.

Click here for more info.

Upcoming Events

April 28 - May 1, 2013 - AWRF Fort Worth, TX


May 6-9, 2013

Offshore Technology Conference

Houston, TX


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