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2013 February Newsletter!
Gator-Flex® Grommets
We just completed an order for some high capacity galvanized Gator-Flex® Grommets.  These heavy lift, super flexible, endless wire rope slings were made from 9-parts of 1-1/4" wire rope with bearing to bearing lengths of 21', 54', and 59'. Each grommet has a rated capacity of 230 tons vertical, and was proof tested to 460 tons each.
Gator-Flex Grommets - Lilly Reyna  
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Pictured above is BLP Houston customer service representative, Lilly Reyna, who handled the order.   
Straightpoint Wireless™ Compression Loadcell 

No longer hindered by troublesome and hard to maintain cables, large scale projects can be completed in a fraction of the time previously required. Maintenance costs are all but eliminated due to the absence of cables and connectors, and the products added flexibility opens the door to world of new possibilities.  


Straightpoint compression loadcells are used in a broad range of industries including mining, energy, defense, heavy rigging, structural weighing, shipping, and general transportation sectors, allowing for the calculation of total mass and the center of gravity on loads up to and exceeding 15,000 tons.


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OSHA Wire Rope Inspection Fact Sheet
Another great Fact Sheet from OSHA on the proper inspection requirements for wire rope used on cranes and derricks in construction.  This document is intended to assist wire rope inspectors and supervisors. Fact sheet focuses on what actions need to be performed for each shift, monthly and annual inspections.
Twin-Path® Capacities & Proper Use Posters 
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poster full which includes a rated capacity chart and photo examples of proper use. 


Proper use guidelines for:

  • Hook attachment
  • Hitch guidelines
  • Sling placement in hardware
  • Connecting Twin-Paths® using rigging hardware
  • Cornermax® Pads & Sleeves



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Gator-Flex® Grommets
Wireless Compression Load Cell
Twin-Path® Posters
CornerMax® Sleeves

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CornerMax®  Sleeves


Cornermax Sleeves    
The CornerMax® Sleeve is the ideal solution to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax® Pad, whether due to curvature of the load edge or repetitive uses such as unloading steel coils 


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BLP Specials




  • Made in the USA.
  • Load tested to 125% of rated capacity.
  • Handle bends to alert operator of overload.
  • Interlocking pawl mechanism - no brakes to slip.
  • Quick release allows cable to be pulled out freely when rigging.
  • Maintenance free bearings are lubed for life.
  • Reversible handle allows pulling in optimum position.

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