If you want to learn puja ceremonies, the Pujari Course is now available.
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Puja is worshop. A person who performs the worship ceremony is called a Pujari.  The worship ceremonies are chanted in Sanskrit, and they consist of bathing the image of a deity with water and then offering a sacrifice (rice, flower petals and sometimes ghee into a fire.)

Chanting the sukta and mantras with the individual offerings raises the shakti power in the pujari and in the attendees.  Karma is ameliorated by this process.

What is the Pujari Course
Gayatri Temple
Course Materials

You will receive all three Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony (3rd Ed.) books, all three companion CD sets for the Ancient Power series, and both the Puja at Home and the Workshop on Health, Healing & Reduction of Karma DVDs.




While a Learning Puja class is required, the course is largely self-study.  The student should first listen repeatedly to Namadeva Acharya's recordings and master the pronunciation and cadence.  The CDs are of the 2nd Ed., so there are slight differences with the 3rd. Ed, mainly that some astottaras found in Vol. II are also found in the new pujas in Vol. III.


Once you can chant easily with Namadeva, then begin your study of the pujas in Vol. III.  Practice doing the five pujas on the Puja At Home DVD with Namadeva Acharya and Satyabhama, while reading from Vol. III. Puja mastery is the ability to chant competently, while offering water, rice, fire and other items.



A Learning Puja class is required, and more information on it is at the link below.

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The Third Ed. of Ancient Power of Mantra and Ceremony has updated the books.
Ancient Power Vol. II Recording
Ancient Power CDs
Thomas/Namadeva chants all the Sanskrit in the books. You will learn the pronunciation and the cadence for chanting.

Durga-Chamundi Puja at Gayatri Temple Puja DVDs
There are 5 short pujas on
 one DVD and the long planetary puja on the other.
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