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 December 2014

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Wishing you a New Year filled with the light of Gayatri, the light of illumination of the mind.

I want you to know that I remember you at all the pujas we perform.


We have had three Summer 5-day Programs at the house in Albuquerque.  Next Summer, the workshop will be Gurus, Avatars, Siddhas & Masters.  It will start Tuesday, July 28 and go through Noon on Sunday, August 2.

Some people confused NM with AZ, thinking it is very hot here.  Actually, at 5000' elevation, it is not anywhere near so hot even in midsummer.  It is much hotter often in Pasadena, CA.

All prema (divine love) and shanti (dynamic peace), 



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Gayatri Temple 
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada 

Niagara Area, Canada
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Los Angeles, CA
Atma Jyoti Chanting Group, Contact Jagadamba,  Certified Mantra Instructor

Kilauea, HI
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Chicago, IL
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Boston, MA 
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Western Mass.
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May 2015 Be a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year for You and Yours
Season's Greetings
Namadeva Acharya



[Namadeva Acharya's blessings seem appropriate for every year and remind us of his beautiful loving spirit.]

May the glorious abundance of Maha Lakshmi shine upon you magnificently. May all spiritual or material deficits be erased and replaced with so much abundance you will walk through your days in amazed gratitude.

May Divine Love blossom in your mind, and True Spiritual Light flood your mind.

May your health issues be completely resolved in your favor. May your close loved ones also be so blessed.

May all of your relationships be so blessed that any problems disappear, and emotional scars are miraculously healed. May joy replace any negativity in any of your meaningful relationships.

May this be the year of spiritual breakthroughs for you. Let various states of samadhi, enlightenment and realization come to you.  May those who look to you for spiritual guidance realize what a blessing in their lives you are, and may you be the vehicle of Grace for all who come to you for help.

By the Grace of the Supreme, may all of this be so.
Dear Friends,

This has been a year of challenges, in which I wrote my first long workshop (Shiva-Shakti) and finished editing not only the three Ancient Power books but the Instructor of Mantra Manual.  This coming year will be new challenges in the OJT area, as I will edit my workshops already in video for podcasts and Namadeva's and mine in audio formats for CDs or downloads.  I am also planning to do live streaming teaching on line.

If you are looking for private telephone consultations, you will find our Certified Priests and Mantra Teachers who are available at CMT Private Consultations on the Blue Menu Bar of 

We continue to do custom pujas especially for you.  Simply order a puja or fire ceremony at, and  I will arrange for one of our Certified Priests or Pujaris to contact you regarding performing it when you can participate at home. 


Prem & Shanti,




Upcoming Events in 2014-15

On December 21st, 2 pm - Solstice, I will be doing the Navagraha/Planetary  Puja, which is particularly effective at the solstice.   Click for more information 

For those who send a donation, I will be praying for you individually and also remembering you at the puja.  If you wish to donate before 10 am MST on the 21st, please go to , and I will include you in my prayers and the puja.  undefined 

In the puja short and long mantras are chanted, as well as 9 astottaras.  

Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand Teaches Sun/Surya Mantra: Om Suryaya Namaha 
Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand Teaches Sun/Surya Mantra: Om Suryaya Namaha

New Year's Day Gayatri Celebration
Gayatri Yajna/Fire Ceremony
2 pm
Albuquerque, NM Click here for information

Miami, FL

Shiva, the Consciousness, and Shakti, the Power of the Universe

Info: Rama Das,    


Beaverton, OR 

Gayatri Temple 


Bhakti Yoga House, ABQ 





London, England  



Albuquerque, NM  




Feb. 17











July 28 -

Aug 2    





SHIVA RATRI - Shiva Puja

Gurus, Avatars, Siddhas, and Masters

Info: Naomi Francis,    


Gurus, Avatars, Siddhas, and Masters 




For further information, please see after January 15th 

The world is changing in many ways, and the acceleration of that change is visible to us all. As agents of positive change in this world, you are a blessing to the planet and to humanity. You have our profound respect and gratitude for all you do.  May you want for nothing, and may God hasten to your every need and prayer. Namadeva Acharya 
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