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April 2013

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News and Notes

International Program


Nepal project teams
Project teams Nepal 

Interest in international agricultural development work continues to be strong among AIC members. The past Canadian project coordinators for AIC's international twinning partnership program, along with former International Program Coordinator Tom Beach and Board member Lianne Dwyer, have been meeting by conference call monthly to identify and discuss opportunities for new programs or projects.


A call for concept proposals to support new research to improve food production and distribution and the health and nutritional dimensions of food security in developing countries, was recently announced for the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF).  AIC is interested in this opportunity and is seeking to work with other Canadian organizations or institutions with complementary skills, experience and connections, particularly those interested in collaboration on a concept note on replicating and increasing the use of BMPs proven in previous projects and the development of new BMPs.  If you are interested in learning more, or have partner suggestions, please contact Frances Rodenburg at the AIC office.    


Letter to Minister Ritz


AIC and 12 other Canadian scientific societies have jointly written to federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Gerry Ritz, to express concern regarding new Treasury Board restrictions on travel for federal government employees.   The impact of the policy will be substantial reductions in attendance at conferences by federal government scientists, and an impact on the business of Canadian scientific societies. Our letter requests that annual meetings of the Canadian scientific societies be exempt from the travel policy to allow greater participation by AAFC scientists.   


AIC 2013 AGM


The 2013 AGM will take place by teleconference. Details will be sent to members in the near future.  


Accreditation Report


The 2012 AIC Accreditation Report is available for viewing on the AIC website.  

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AIC Journals Investments
CJPS May 2013 Representatives of AIC and the scientific societies that cooperate with us in publication of the Canadian Journals of Animal Science, Plant Science and Soil Science recently met by teleconference to discuss new investments and other strategies for growth of the journals which AIC hopes to institute in 2013.


The discussion covered a broad range of topics, including change and competition in the publishing world, Open Access versus paywalls, methods to encourage more submissions from Canadian scientists and other matters. It was a productive dialogue and the group agreed to meet again in the Fall.


AIC's journals are respected and read around the world, with subscribers in 43 countries. A new agreement has been signed with the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China to provide access to 650 institutions in that country and negotiations will be undertaken this year for a similar agreement for all post-secondary academic institutions in Brazil.


AIC has committed to the following investments in the journals for 2013:


  • Content Development: A specialist in content development will be contracted to undertake an analysis of each of the journals with the objective of increasing the number of quality submissions, leading to improved impact factors and better subscription uptake. A journal work plan will outline recommended action for carrying out the strategies and addressing areas for improvement.
  • Communications: AIC will contract a communications person experienced in preparing and distributing media releases to promote journal articles that are of scientific and public interest.
  • Mobile App: AIC Mobile went live in February 2013 and enables users to access AIC journal contents using their Apple, Android or Blackberry mobile device.
  • Just In Service: A Just In section will be added to the journals websites in the near future and accepted manuscripts will be posted as soon as they are approved for publication (before copy editing). This practice is increasingly common in the publishing world and is very popular with authors and editors. 
  • Translation of Operations Manual: The Operation Manual for the journals has been updated and will be translated into French and posted on the website.  
  • Subscriptions Sales and Marketing: AIC will continue efforts to expand subscriptions globally.


Canadian Journal of Soil Science 

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 

Canadian Journal of Animal Science 


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AIC International Award Presentations

A festive awards evening took place March 27, 2013 in Mwanza, Tanzania as presentations were made to two of AIC's international award recipients. 

Mama Kapande
Mama Asia Kapande
Guests at the event included members of the Tanzania Society for Agricultural Education and Extension - Lake Zone (TSAEE) and representatives from local rural women's and youth groups who have worked in partnership with TSAEE.  Guest of honour was the District Commissioner from Misungwi, Ms. Mariam Lugaila.     


Dinah Ceplis, AIC international program volunteer, was in attendance and brought greetings on behalf of the Board, staff and members of AIC and the Canadian Agricultural and Rural Extension Society (CARES).     


The program included a presentation on the innovative Tangible Goals Approach which TSAEE has developed and implemented in partnership with numerous youth and women's groups in the Lake Zone through the project supported by AIC, CARES and other groups.   

TSAEE 2013
Mr. Beny Mwenda and Mama Apolonia Magere receiving the TSAEE award


Mama Asia Kapande received the AIC International Recognition Award for an individual and the TSAEE Lake Zone received the International Recognition Award for an organization. These awards recognize outstanding contributions to the improvement of agriculture in the Developing World.    


In her remarks, the District Commissioner, Ms. Lugaila, congratulated Mama Kapande for her contributions and noted that TSAEE "has changed farmers' lives; youth and women being the majority beneficiaries."   


She went on to say that, "On behalf of the government of Tanzania I thank the Agricultural Institute of Canada for the two awards. This is great encouragement to Asia Kapande and TSAEE."  


Dinah at TSAEE
Dinah Ceplis, at left

Dinah was recognized by members of several groups for the 20 years of support she has provided to TSAEE and to members of TSAEE. She was presented with a live chicken, a pumpkin and a DVD from youth groups, pieces of cloth from the Muwaviwa Women's Network Association, a giant card and a cake from TSAEE. 


Congratulations to all!   



For a full description of the evening and to enjoy many pictures from the event, click



AICF Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship 2013 Recipients


One PhD level and two Masters level students in agricultural business, economics, finance and trade programs are the 2013 recipients of the Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation (AICF) Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship.


This scholarship, which is made available through the support of the RBC Foundation, was established by the AICF in 1990 to honour past-president and agri-finance innovator Douglas McRorie, PAg, FAIC.   Mr. McRorie served as Vice President of Agriculture for the Royal Bank of Canada and was a respected agricultural leader in Canada.  



Valeria Carla Castellanos Hurtado, a doctoral candidate in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia, received the $5,000 PhD level scholarship.   Ms. Castellanos Hurtado's dissertation research is focused on the environmental impact in Canada of agricultural trade liberalization and price dynamics.   She also participates on other research projects, including one on gender and nutrition in agricultural communities of Peru.



Ishrat Gadhok  

Ishrat Gadhok, a student in the professional Masters of Food and Resource Economics program at the University of British Columbia, received a $3,000 scholarship at the Masters level. Her studies focus on applied economics, policy analysis and agribusiness management in the food and resources sectors. The analytical tools provided by her graduate coursework have allowed her to assess and evaluate real-world issues in international development.





Jessica Kelly, also a $3,000 Masters level award recipient, is an MSc student at the University of Guelph completing a collaborative degree in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics and International Development. Ms. Kelly is conducting her research on the farmers' share of the food dollar in Canada, using new techniques recently developed by the United States Department of Agriculture.  She hopes to be involved with international agricultural development initiatives in the future.    



Click here to read more about these exceptionally accomplished students.


The Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation is a federally registered charitable organization whose mission is to inspire knowledge and understanding of the importance of sustainable agriculture to society.  


Prepared by Brenda Millar, AICF Board Liaison  


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