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Dear Friend -  


As you've probably heard, the Educational Alliance's community in Lower Manhattan has been hit particularly hard by Hurricane Sandy. 


We need help to support vulnerable Lower East Side seniors and families who are without power and struggling after Hurricane Sandy. 

Will you make an emergency gift to help?

First, I'm happy to report that many families and children were safely evacuated from the Lower East Side housing projects, as were residents of our Pride Site drug treatment facility.


But the real test is hitting our community right now, as many residents - including the vulnerable seniors and families who live close to the East River - have been without power and running water for more than 48 hours now.   


Today, we are sending teams of staff and volunteers into these homes to check on those who are without power and trapped because of limited mobility and the challenging conditions outside.


But we need your help to make sure we can provide the food, water, and the support they need to get through the coming days.  Will you make a donation to help the hundreds of children, families, and seniors who depend on us?


Many of the seniors we're reaching out to have limited contact with the community even under normal circumstances.  They don't have family or friends to call on for help. 


And many of the evacuated children and families will soon return home to potentially water-damaged apartments and spoiled food. So many struggled to make ends meet before the storm, and recovering from these setbacks will be a huge burden.  


There's no doubt. Our community is hurting right now. But - as you've heard over and over again the past several days - New Yorkers are resilient.  As we always do, we will join together to get through this. 


The efforts of our volunteers and staff make it possible. But your support is just as crucial.  


If you would like to help, please, make a gift by clicking here and selecting "Hurricane Relief" from our drop-down menu.


Your gift will help us make sure our struggling community members have the resources they need to get through the difficult days ahead.


Thank you for your generosity, and I hope you and yours are keeping safe! 

Sincerely yours,

Robin Bernstein

President & CEO

Educational Alliance


PS. We can already see that our neighborhood's recovery from Sandy will be a long one. If you'd like to make even more of a difference for seniors and families in Lower Manhattan, please consider becoming a monthly donor today.


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