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INTRODUCING (drum roll please...) 
The Creative Engagement Grants
SE Uplift is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Creative Engagement Grant Program. These grants will fund the creation of original neighborhood association projects that inspire Portlanders to think about and engage with their community in new ways.
Together we can re-imagine what community engagement looks like. Forget tired tri-folds and think chalk board walls, photo booths, and participatory art installations. 

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We've set a goal of raising a total of $5,000 for our new Creative Engagement Grant Program by January 1, 2014. We're already half way there. So join us in celebrating, discovering and creating our neighborhoods!Together, we can make it happen.

November Addition

"Why wasn't I notified about it?" This is a question we frequently hear from neighbors when they learn about new development occurring in their neighborhood. Portland's land use notification rules have frustrated and befuddled community members for ages. The good news is that there are a few techniques you can use to learn about proposed developments before they happen, regardless of notification.
Montavilla's Benjamin Kerensa


After witnessing a fatal collision, an internationally recognized open source software developer joins forces with his neighbors to bring safety improvements to NE Glisan Street. 


Neighborhood Advocacy Powered By Maps

Maps are powerful. They can reveal patterns, illuminate relationships, and communicate complex information. By providing unprecedented access to local geographically based data, the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 enables community stakeholders to bring legitimacy to local perspectives and generate political will through mapping. 

Get Ready, Get Set, Plant!


All that good, squishy soil means it's tree-planting time, and Friends of Trees is getting ready to hit the ground in southeast Portland. Residents should sign up now to get trees for their street or yard in order to meet deadlines leading up to their neighborhood planting day. 


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November Events

November 4: SE Uplift Board Meeting

November 4: Community Uses of Unpaved Streets Meeting

November 8: Last day to submit comments for Portland's State & Federal Agendas

November 9: Southeast Kitchen Share Curry Class

November 12: Spirit of Portland Awards

November 13: Community Uses of Unpaved Streets Meeting

November 13: Bikes in Portland - Who rides, who doesn't, and why?

November 14: Comprehensive Plan Forum

November 16: Project Pick-Me-Up

November 17: Sustainable Landscaping - Site Planning Workshop

November 17: Eastside Village 101 Presentation

November 18: SE Uplift Land Use & Transportation Meeting

November 19: League of Women Voters - From Here to There. How & Who Pays?

November 20: Toward One Oregon - Bridging Oregon's Urban & Rural Communities

November 23: Fix-It Fair

November 28: Feast for Southeast 

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