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Honoring Joe Delclos
Joe Delclos 1937-2016
St. Ambrose honors the legacy of Joe Delclos who passed away this month. Joe joined St. Ambrose in 1973 and served the organization until his retirement in 2009. Joe led the default counseling program, and acknowledging the need for free legal services in the Baltimore community, Joe attended UMD law school and started the legal services program at St. Ambrose in 1990. 

An early leader who helped shape St. Ambrose into the organization that it is today, Joey D. is remembered fondly for his singing voice, his commitment to St. Ambrose's mission, and the compassion he showed to the clients he served. 

See Joe's obituary here

Tax Help Corner

Maryland Homeowner's Property Tax Credit 
Less that 6% of Baltimore City homeowners take the MD homeowner tax credit which is available to households that have a combined income of less than $60,000. More information here: 

FREE tax preparation

There are locations all over Baltimore that offer free tax preparation for anyone earning less than $54,000 a year.

For more information about locations, making an appointment, and additional financial services check out this flyer from the Baltimore Cash Campaign
Homesharing Update:

Homesharing is happy to announce that it's completed its database update to ETO by Social Solutions!

Are you interested in learning about how Homesharing could be a housing solution for you?
Check our our webpage, or give us a call: 410-366-6180

We would like to thank the following organizations:

Baltimore Bar Foundation

Baltimore Equitable Insurance Foundation

Baltimore City Health Department

Maryland Affordable Housing Trust

Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund

MD Dept. of Housing and Community Development: Community Legacy Fund

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February 24, 2016
Aug. 1963: CORE pickets Five Oaks Swim Club in Catonsville, MD


Happy Black History Month!

In preparation for our upcoming project to renovate and preserve 10 homes in the historic black community of Winters Lane in Catonsville, this newsletter celebrates the community's inspiring history.

The history of Winters Lane is well documented thanks to the research of Louis S. Diggs, author of the 1995 book entitled, "It all Started on Winters Lane," which describes the life and times of Winters Lane as it grew and flourished in the years and decades following The Civil War. This newsletter and the associated blog draw extensively from Diggs' book
St. Ambrose begins historic preservation of Winters Lane Homes
With support from Baltimore County and the State's Community Legacy program, St. Ambrose is beginning the preservation and renovation of 10 duplex rental homes in the historic black community of Winters Lane in Catonsville, MD. 

The 10 homes to be restored are 100+ years old. The Winters Lane community was founded in 1876.
The rehab and preservation of the historic homes on Shipley and Roberts Avenues is just a first step to preserving the resilient community for the future. The homes will be updated to meet current building codes, the living spaces will be expanded and modernized and the exteriors restored. 
The front room of the home above once housed a
ma and pa grocery store. 
The goal is to maintain the historic character and architecture of the homes, meeting the requirements of the Maryland Historic Trust, while making an investment in the quality of the homes and ultimately the community as whole. 
Learn more on the St. Ambrose Blog. 
A Walk Down Winters Lane
A brief look at Winters Lane history
Winters Lane is founded one year after the end of the Civil War. Some founding settlers came into deeded property upon being released from slavery, while others relocated from other parts of Maryland and purchased property along Winters Lane.
A tract of land and building is donated which becomes the first church (Grace A.M.E) and school building (School #23) in the community. Due to segregation and the distance from Baltimore, Winters Lane becomes a largely self-sufficient community.
Catonsville Cooperative Corporation is founded.The Co-op was founded as a way for local residents to pool their resources to support new businesses. One such business venture was the Greenwood Electric Park which was a wildly successful amusement park that attracted visitors from all over the Baltimore metro area.
William Washington and Charles Woodland 
Prominent business and property owners, founding members of the Co-Op
Left:  Washington Grocery store, built in the 1800's, was on the corner of Winters Lane and Edmondson Ave. The top floor was used as classrooms for the 5th and 6th grades.
The Charles C. Woodland House, built in 1874, is now registered with the Maryland Historical Trust. 

The Weekly Clarion was a local newspaper that first circulated as a newsletter for the Grace A.M.E. church. It eventually became a community wide voice with a small editorial staff and control board. To the right is the paper's policy as stated in the June 2, 1934 edition of The Weekly Clarion.
In the August 19th edition of the Baltimore Afro American Newspaper, Winters Lane is introduced in this way:
"In the Catonsville Development, just two miles from Baltimore's Western City limits, sprawls the near perfect example of suburban living, homeownership, and community spirit. There is no undertaker here and but one physician, since citizens are interested in living. The welcome mat is always out to summer visitors who find the community a nice place to visit."

Source: "It All Started on Winters Lane" by: Louis S. Diggs
For more information visit the full blog post.
The mission of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center is to create, preserve and maintain equal housing opportunities for low and moderate income people, primarily in Baltimore city, and to encourage and support strong and diverse neighborhoods. 

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