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In this E-Newsletter you will find:

  • Independence from Debt 
  • Smart Meter Quick Facts
  • St. Ambrose Board Corner
  • Sustaining Community Connections 
  • Volunteers, Interns and Youth Workers, Oh My!   
Independence from Debt
         Feeling a little like your debtors call you more than your mother? Do you have a budget? According to Amy Rosen, a contributor of Forbes Magazine, 56% of adults don't have a budget and many people don't have as much saved as they did an year ago. Even fewer people have non-retirement savings. How do we learn to save and educate yourself to be freed from the cycle of debt?

         Rosen suggests that a willingness to learn, a computer and a good internet connection can help. Go to, which offers free learning products and tools. They answer questions like, 'Should I have the government take out more or less from your paycheck? Which credits will help me to lower my taxes? How much should I have saved up in my emergency fund?' The site is easy to use and comprehensive.

           You can make learning about finances a family affair by letting your children use Money as you Grow. Money as you Grow is a program from the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability that teaches kids age appropriate money lessons. For more information on being independent from debt, contact Baltimore Cash Campaign.
Smart Meter Quick Facts

           The following data was pulled from  Baltimore Gas and Electric, BGE. 

  • A smart meter is an electric meter that allows two-way communication between the meter and BGE via a wireless network
  • Customers who opt out of having a smart meter installed will be charged a one-time fee of $75, which will be billed in three equal monthly installments, and an additional monthly fee of $11.  
  • Customers who wish to opt out may contact BGE online, by phone, or by letter

       Contact BGE at 1-800-685-0123 or go to their online form. 

St. Ambrose Board Corner
          Join us as we welcome David Wells as the new Chairperson of the St. Ambrose Board of Directors.  He follows Jane A. Wilson, who has served on the Board of Directors for 15 years, the last three of those years as the Chairperson. Other new Board members include Phil Croskey and Shannon Pinder.  Watch for Board profiles in this space over the next few months. 
Sustaining Community Connections
         An excerpt written by our intern Rebekah Joab, from Talk To St. Ambrose:

For a few days during the week, I work at St. Ambrose. In the morning and evening as I walk to and from the revitalized row houses that are St. Ambrose, I am most often greeted by someone who is going to work, returning home, or unwinding on their front porch. This exchange brings to mind an image of affability that seems to be a remnant of my parents' generation.

To read more of Rebekah's story, click here.
Volunteers, Interns and Youth Workers, Oh My!

          Each year, St. Ambrose is grateful for the talent provided by the following institutions through their internship and summer work programs.

  • Baltimore Youth Works
  • Ignatian Volunteer Corps
  • Lutheran Volunteer Corps
  • University of Baltimore-School of Law
  • University of Maryland, College Park
  • University of Maryland-School of Law
  • University of Maryland-School of Social Work
  • VISTA, AmeriCorps.