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% of owners still in their homes after accessing counseling before being late.
The HUD Office of Policy Development and Research released the results of two 18 month studies on HUD housing counseling programs. 
The HUD studies highlight the importance of counseling programs for homeowners.  Key findings from the foreclosure study:

- Most homeowners in distress first tried to negotiate with their lender

- With counseling, 69% obtained a mortgage remedy,56% became current

-70% of clients who sought counseling before delinquency were in their home and current at 18 mo.
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While it may have come across that we were drilling the crisis of foreclosure into everyone who would listen, this downturn has never been just about people losing their homes.  It's also about the people just hanging on; it is about resilience.

A report issued May 15th found that 70% of people who talked with a housing counselor before becoming late on their payments, were still in their home 18 months later.  See the article in the sidebar to read more. Housing counseling works!  St. Ambrose's five programs are always available to help at any stage of finding and preserving home for you.

We are always surprised by the clients who say "I didn't know you could help ME."  Be a friend; forward this email.

We Don't Buy Houses...  We Can Help You
Keep Yours!
You may be current on your mortgage, but did you know you could still be eligible for relief as a result of the Attorney General Mortgage Servicing Settlement? For example, some of the money will be used for interest rate reduction for homeowners who are underwater but have remained current.
To find out more, consider coming to a Homeowner Relief Workshop.  Informational events are being planned for Baltimore area homeowners June 16, June 26, and July 14.
The earliest such event will be hosted by Congressman Cummings on Saturday, June 16h, 2012, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Attorney General Gansler and staff are scheduled to be on hand to provide information.  For a list of documents and materials to bring, and to sign up online, click here.
NeighborWorks Week Pops Up June 2 - 9
NWW 2012
Look out for St. Ambrose and NeighborWorks between June 2 - 9!  St. Ambrose will be popping up all over town at meetings, events, festivals...  Tweeting, Foursquaring, and Facebooking the week away.
For Twitter users, follow the tag #NWW2012 to see what people across the country are doing to mark this annual week to celebrate neighborhood change and awareness.
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