Kim King accepts Excel Award for Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library's Nature Nuts Program
Congratulations Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library and James V Brown Library
Priestley Forsyth and James V Brown win Best Practices Awards

Here's a description of the program that won the Pennsylvania Library Association's David J. Robens Excel Award for Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library. Congratulations!  Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library began our "Nature Nuts" program four years ago after becoming aware of Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. We observed children during library programs and how they played and moved. It seemed that not many children were in touch with how to move physically in an outdoor environment. Many children were afraid of insects, spiders, and other animals that invaded our outdoor library space. We wanted to change that. We began our program by basing it on the concept of "nature deficit disorder" that Richard Louv coined in his book. Children and their family members explore animals, habitats, science concepts through experimentation, seasonal and environmental changes, and have become more comfortable with outdoor play and settings. Read more about this extraordinary children's program here. 

Nina White accepts Best Practices Award for James V Brown Library
And here's the description of the program that won a Pennsylvania Library Association Best Practices Award for James V Brown Library. Congratulations! 
Pint-Sized Pollocks is an exploration painting program for curious older babies and younger toddlers that develops creativity and sparks individual expression.  This program encourages parents and children to explore tactile and sensory experiences when playing with simple and safe 2 ingredient homemade paint.  Young children further develop their fine and gross motor skills when choosing to paint using their fingers, hands, feet and toes.  Parents are asked to bring their child in play clothes to foster their child's creativity without constraint.  Many children strip down to their diaper. Each week we explore a different recipe of homemade paint such as all-natural aloe Vera gel finger-paints that smoothly glide, natural-dye watercolors from cooked beets, spinach, blueberries or turmeric,  no-cook finger-paints made with sweetened condensed milk that dry iridescent, edible yogurt finger-paints, and glue-free puff paints.   Copies of the paint recipes are provided to encourage creative play at home. Children engage in sensory exploration that ignites curiosity with how different textures of homemade paint feel to squish, glide, squelch, splash, and scoop out of their cupcake tin paint tray and paint their bodies and papers.  Edible finger paints encourage learning while supporting creativity, fine motor skills, engagement in using hand-eye coordination and cause and effect when mixing natural dyes with yogurt, or swirling in condensed milk paint. Pint- Sized Pollocks begins by sharing rhymes, songs, finger plays, and vibrant picture books. The art exploration is open-ended and unstructured to allow every child time to freely explore. Activities support healthy brain development by providing opportunities to learn through positive sensory stimuli during the first 2 years of life when the brain is 70% developed.  

Consider applying for the Best Practices Award for your library program next year!

NCLD Libraries Recognized for Pilot Participation

Nineteen NCLD member libraries were recognized for their participation in the Star Library pilot program at the President's Opening Luncheon. Pictured from left to right are Joann Eichenlaub, PALS 2015, Diane Whitaker, Annie Halenbake Ross Library, Melissa Rowse, James V Brown Library, Ben Bizzle, Cathy Brady, Wyalusing Public Library, Cathy Golder Green Free library Canton, Jennifer Stocker, President, Pennsylvania Library Association, Melissa Foltz, PALS 2015, and Alice Zaikoski, McBride Memorial Library. 

The Star Libraries Program begins on January 1, 2017.  All documents for the program can be found on the Pennsylvania Library Association's web site.

An Update From Our Web Administrator

Hi there, I'm Jeremy Shatley, the Web Administrator for the District. I am a book, music, and mythology enthusiast, and have been working in libraries for nearly seven years now. My main focus is to make libraries more accessible to the general public, and do so through the medium of the web. Currently most of the district web sites are hosted through Edublogs. Although the Edublogs platform is very secure, that security limits options. Security features can be provided without the use of Edublogs itself. We want to take the web sites in a different direction with an updated look and feel. In many cases, your web site is the first interaction library patrons have with you. That's why we will be returning to Hostgator for hosting and using the Wordpress platform. I hope to utilize our return to HostGator as an opportunity to modernize, customize, and make the District web sites more accessible to all. 

In the coming weeks, I will be in touch with you about this transition. In the meantime, I can be reached at Happy Holidays!

Overdrive's New Web Site
An Update from Sue Mayshock

Great news--OverDrive is upgrading all public facing websites. The launch date for our new site will be on December 12th. The basic functionality is the same, but the graphics, searching, and language have all been improved.

Go to for an exclusive preview of our new site. Please take time over the next few weeks to familiarize yourself with the changes--search for items, log in, place holds, check out. I strongly encourage you to watch the recorded version of "Welcome to the New OverDrive" to learn how to use the new OverDrive website and app. You can also check out  this video to find out about features you might have missed. 

On November 28th a link will be added to our current forward facing website so that patrons may get a preview of the new site before it goes live. They will also be able to sign in, borrow, and enjoy titles using the new website. 

On December 12th, The "/preview" will be removed from the above URL and our new OverDrive URL will be At that time, any existing links or custom URLs pointing to our old URL that included "lib" will automatically redirect to the new website.

Two other items I would like to point out. On the top right of our new website there are links to "Feedback" and an updated "Help." Once you have familiarized yourself with the new website, OverDrive would welcome feedback from you and your patrons. Remember, too, that the OverDrive Resource Center, is a great spot to find marketing and training materials. There are great templates for holiday posters.

If you have a feature on your web site that allows patrons to obtain a library card without being physically present, please send the link to me. Please direct any questions to me at smayshock@jvbrown,edu.

I hope you enjoy this new website as much as I do. Have fun experimenting. Sue

We Have STEM Maker Kits!

The North Central Library District received funding through a Library Services and Technology Act grant to provide STEM Maker Kits for our member libraries to check out. Access the STEM Resources page on the District web site.

If your library would like to check out a kit, please request it through James V Brown's interlibrary loan department using this ILL Form . Kits can be checked out for up to a month. 

Please fill out the brief survey included with the kit. If you use the kit in a program, we'll ask you to briefly describe the program so that we can compile a list of program ideas for our district members. But you don't have to use the kits in a program. You can check them out just to see how they work!


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