PA Forward and NCLD
Become a PA Forward Library

Between now and May 13th, the North Central Library District members have a chance to participate in a pilot program for PA Forward. This pilot program was developed by a group of 2015 PALS graduates in partnership with the Pennsylvania Library Association and the North Central Library District. A marketing kit has been sent to each library director containing templates for posters, flyers, bookmarks and more. You'll also find out how your library can be a GOLD STAR library. This is a great opportunity to show what great programs you all are doing. You'll have a choice of attending two virtual meetings to be scheduled on February10th and/or 11th to learn more. Please take a moment to tell us times that are good for you. Click here.

Continuing Education Survey
Results Are In

Thanks to all of you that took the continuing education survey. We asked what day is better for you to attend workshops. The worst day for almost everyone is Monday. The top winner was Friday with Tuesday and Wednesday tied for second place. As we schedule workshops throughout 2016, we'll keep in mind the days that are most convenient for you.

We also asked you to rank workshop topics that are most relevant to you. Incorporating STEM programs, materials and activities in your library was the #1 most important topic. Updating your web site was the #2 topic. Basic tech training for frontline staff and technology planning tied for #3. Next came grantwriting followed by customer service. Thanks again for providing this valuable information to help us plan CE opportunities for 2016.

Annual Report Tips

It's that time again. Particularly for those of us who are new to the Pennsylvania Public Library Data Collection, finding the information we need can be a daunting task. Here's a few tips:

The Public Library Data Collection can be found at pa.countingopinions.com (LibPas). Once logged in, you'll find a button for Instructions and Documents and Forms. The instructions give you detailed information about navigating and submitting the form. Clicking on Documents and Forms gives you access to the cover page and signature page. All libraries need those.If your library uses gifts to bolster Local Financial Effort, take a look at the gift guidelines. Those of you who share costs with a municipality will need the Certification of Estimated Costs form. 

Overdrive stats for your library can be found on the district web site (ncld2.org). Or click here to get them. This number should be reported in line 52a. 

Power Library stats can be found on the Power Library web site. Contact the district consultant if you need the username and password to access the secure statistics. Choose "Statistics from 2006-present" then "Statistics by library" scroll down to "library summary report", pop in your library's Power Library code, select the year, and submit. The number you'll need is "Items Examined". You'll have to add the totals together for each database. Include this number in line 100 of the annual report along with the statistics from any databases to which your library subscribes. 

Annual reports are due to the district consultant by March 1, 2016. The district consultant must approve and lock all submissions by April 4th, 2016.

Summer Reading/PA Forward Training

Summer Reading Training and PA Forward Marketing training will be held on Friday, March 11. PA Forward training will be from 10AM to Noon. Stay for lunch and attend Peer to Peer Summer Reading Training from 1PM to 3PM. Both topics are appropriate for directors and youth services persons. Registration will be open soon.

In the morning session, Kathy Silks, Paula Gilbert and member of the PALS team explain the benefits of using a unified voice in communicating the value of your programs. Learn how to incorporate the PA Forward brand in your programming.

The state is providing the materials for libraries for summer reading training this year. There will be 8 station based activities for attendees to self-guide and collaborate with other library staff members. Participants will proceed through the stations as small groups. If you find it helpful to use this time to collaborate with your teammates, that is welcome.  If you prefer this group time to be used as an opportunity to network with other youth services staff in the district, that is also welcome. If the training is completed solo, please try to find time to share thoughts and ideas with colleagues.  This will be your peer to peer training and idea sharing time. The more you come ready to share and collaborate the more everyone will walk away with.  You will have 15 minutes at each station.  
Below is a list of the stations that will be available.

Station 1 - Using the CSLP Manual

Station 2 - 10 Tips for a Successful Summer Learning Program (plus one more for your sanity)

Station 3 - Make Summer Learning Inclusive

Station 4 - Mind Games

Station 5 - Gross Motor Skills

Station 6 - Fine Motor Skills

Station 7 - Obstacle Course

Station 8 - Active Storytime

Don't Forget the Compendium

Don't miss out on news at the state level. The latest Compendium is packed with information about workshops, webinars, the recent PEW Research Report, library news and more.