The Nolan Bank Performance Study
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March 2014
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Nolan's Annual Bank Performance Study

Does Your Institution Measure Up?


How does your line-of-business efficiency and productivity compare to peers of similar asset size? Do you have a structured process in place for identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing departments and lines of business that have the greatest opportunity for immediate profit improvements?


Obtaining the right information about your organization and how it compares to its peers is key to increasing profitability. You simply can't afford to be unaware in today's competitive environment.


Annually, The Nolan Company conducts the Bank Performance Study with banks, thrifts, and credit unions over $1 billion in asset size. The study is a unique survey of income, expense, staffing levels, and productivity by line of business.


Take Steps to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

At the conclusion of the study, participants receive a detailed executive summary and research report containing more than 700 performance ratios showing their efficiency and effectiveness directly compared to benchmark (top quartile) and average performers in each business area. This information can be used to:

  • Target improvement initiatives to reduce expenses and increase revenue
  • Identify improvements in customer service
  • Analyze employee productivity by department
  • Show performance gaps in business processes and technology

Please visit to register your organization by April 11. Participation in the study is free, though infinitely valuable for your bank or credit union.


Once you have registered, we will send the participant packet with input forms to you in electronic format. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Meyer at or call  877-736-6526.


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