We are pleased to announce the inspiring recipients of our 2013 San Francisco Peacemaker Awards. Their innovative work has reduced violence and conflict in neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, helping us create the world we envision.

2013 San Francisco Peacemaker Awards Recipients

The Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award
SFPA_John_CatheySFPA_David_SandsOfficer John Cathey and Officer David Sands  
John (left) and David (right) are two Mission District police officers who have pioneered a unique approach to help teens leave gangs. While walking their 24th Street beat, they routinely saw teens stuck in a cycle of gang violence and jail time. Realizing that these teens needed an alternative, John and David began connecting them with full-time employment to help them launch promising careers and walk away from the gangs on which they depended. They also started a program to strengthen families of at risk youth and disrupt common gang recruitment tactics that preyed on youth who felt like they lacked a family. Community Boards is thrilled to celebrate their innovative and successful approach to transforming young lives and making San Francisco a more peaceful city.

The Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award
Dominic Sanchez 
Dominic is bringing conflict resolution skills to hundreds of his peers, who live throughout San Francisco. As a student at Galileo High School, he is a leader of the Restorative Practices Program and developed a workshop to help his peers open up a dialogue between students of different cultures and ethnicities. Dominic also helped develop a program that has reached nearly 500 young men with messages about reducing risky sexual practices and appreciating diversity in sexualities. With this award, Community Boards recognizes Dominic for taking a stand against violence and working to build supportive, respectful youth communities. 

The Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award
The Mosaic Project  
The Mosaic Project is a nonprofit organization that works toward a peaceful future by uniting children of diverse back�grounds, provid�ing them with essential community building skills, and empowering them to become peacemakers. Their unique outdoor school and youth leadership programs create microcosms of the just, diverse, inclusive world we envision. For demonstrating that a more peaceful world is possible -and for inspiring young people to work to create that world- Community Boards honors the MOSAIC Project with this year's Leadership Award.