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Fall 2014

"A Community Boards mediation is a miraculous start of a transformation. People begin to hear each other in a way that actually allows creativity, humility, and empathy."

Charlie Speigel
Community Mediator & Advisory Council Member  
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From Darlene's Desk
#1: Video - Tori Freeman , Volunteer of the Quarter
#2: Banner Year for Neighborhood Services
#3: 2015 Outreach Team Forming
#4: New Quarterly Volunteer Support Groups
#5: Board of Directors, President's Update
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Feb 3
From Darlene's Desk  
Here we are, the end of another year.  It's a good time to value the importance of community and friends.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for keeping CB vibrant and vital, and for helping us have a banner year. We opened and resolved more cases this year than ever before. Thank you for all the ways you contributed this year.

It's also a time to slow down to reflect on what's positive in our lives and what we hope to create in the new year. I, for one, will be thinking about what Community Boards will look like in 2015 and beyond, what new directions there are for us to take, and how to get there.

If you have made a gift to Community Boards this year, I extend a heartfelt thanks. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, it's never too late.  >>>Click here to make your donation.

Community Boards' legacy of outstanding conflict resolution services and mediation training is only surpassed by our rich history of passionate donors, volunteers, students, staff and friends of the organization. Thank you for being part of our treasured organization.

Best wishes for a healthy and warm holiday season.

With all my gratitude,

#1:   Video - Tori Freeman, Volunteer of the Quarter  
Tori Freeman grew up in the Bayview and has lived in India Basin since she graduated from Mills College in 1998. Her two daughters are fifth generation San Franciscan.  She is a paralegal, mediator, and the community liaison for Pier 70 Partners.

Tori volunteers for Community Boards, the Office of Citizen Complaints and the District Attorney's Neighborhood Courts program in both the Bayview and Mission courts.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the India Basin Neighborhood Association. Tori is a a former board member of Breast Cancer Action and Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School. She loves mediation because it gives people an opportunity to make peace with each other and thus lead happier and healthier lives.

#2:  Banner Year for Neighborhood & Professional ADR Services    
In 2014 we served 1,821 San Francisco residents, nonprofit staff, and small business owners with mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, trainings, referrals, counseling, scholarships, and outreach.

All of our service numbers increased throughout the year.  We nearly doubled our mediations from 47 in 2013 to 84.  In 2012, we held 3 conflict coaching sessions.  In 2014, 26 sessions were held.   >>>Click here for a snapshot of our 2014 service record.

Most important, watch our service numbers grow in 2015!

#3:  2015 Outreach Team Forming  
As you know, Deb, our new community outreach coordinator, has expertise in event production and volunteer coordination roles for organizations.  She also has an extensive network of contacts and venues throughout SF.

In 2015, she plans to hone her expertise to meet Community Boards' outreach needs and goals.  In January, Deb will be organizing our 2015 Outreach Team.  She has identified a number of possible outreach venues including street fairs, group mixers, and public meetings.

Please consider joining her in helping get the word out about our excellent conflict resolution services.   There are different outreach activities needed for each venue, so there's probably one that fits your busy schedule.  If you're interested, please complete is 2-minute survey:  >>>Outreach Team Survey.      

#4: Two New Quarterly Group Meetings          
Cordell recently introduced two sets of quarterly meetings.  For our mediators, Mediation Masters.  For our conflict coaches, Conflict Coaching Consortiums. Those who attend will have the opportunity to network, talk about challenges and successes, and improve their skill sets with challenging role plays.

The sessions are held in the early evening at Opera Plaza, are a casual potluck, and will be scheduled on different evenings of the week to accommodate as many different schedules as possible.  There is a phone-in option for those unable to attend.

Cordell's goals are to add a new volunteer benefit, and to improve and strengthen peoples' abilities to work together in the future.  So if you're an active community mediator or conflict coach, keep an eye out for the next announcement.

#5: Board of Directors, President's Update

Greetings from the Board of Directors!


These past few months have seen a major change on the Board of Directors.  We have five new Board members and six Board members have since retired.

Please join me in welcoming Sonja Kos, R. Kamela Laird, Marc Martin, Kyra Millich, and Tonya Saheli.  Each brings new energies and visions for growing Community Boards.

And please join me in thanking Bob Bailey, Joseph Bubman, Emily Epstein, Lindsay Hower, Sondra Price, and Elisa Tang.  Each served her/his term with an amazing dedication to our mission of serving all of San Francisco with excellent, affordable conflict resolution.

Let me personally wish all of you the best this holiday season.

Megan Oliver Thompson